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  • jong

    In the immortal words of C. W. McCall I think with all of us we have a convoy. Lets drive right up the White House steps.

    • axmickl

      What an absolutely great idea! Kinda makes me wish I was a trucker. If the motorcycles didn’t get the attention of the high and mighty slave masters maybe a million trucks will.

      • jong

        Yes. There is nothing quite like a eighteen wheeler in your face to get your attention.

    • redpens

      I say idle the trucks too and make Odumbo and all the cap and tax lovers from the Gimme That party choke on the fumes

  • Marv

    High oil prices affect the price of everything. If you have it a truck brought it.

  • chamuiel

    Go! Truckers.

  • 83footsailor

    Get as many of your brothers as possilbe to block up Washington to a stand still for many days. That way – congress can’t act because they can’t get tot the Capitol to vote an anything.

  • babsan

    Kudos to the truckers for standing up to EVIL

  • Cathy L Clark

    Bless them truckers. I say keep them wheels rollin’ on.


    I get goose-bumps just THINKING about it. Go like General Patton’s REDBALL EXPRESS!.


      Redball express. If memory serves me well. That was a Negro (Black) unit that rolled 24-7 and got the job done without any bitching. Just like the red tails (fighter pilots).

      I hope every color and every race is represented in that drive! Having served, it was fantastic to have friends from everywhere and every race. My wife and I recently attended a Cavalry ball (we were invited even though I’ve been retired almost 9 years) and there were a lot of old comrades there. You would of thought we were long lost brothers with all the hugs and laughing/back slapping going on. My brothers (of all colors) were and still are just like family.

      I’d not change them for the world!!! Just wish it were the same on the outside here. God bless them all!


        Indeed, Sergeant…HOOAH! God bless YOU and thanks for serving.

      • Troy Babbitt

        Gary Owen, Sarge.

  • Jack Laurie

    Odumbo should stand out there and yell “You didn’t build dat!”

    • redpens

      Odumbo would probably say, “you didn’t drive that!”

  • livefreeordie

    I think they should not only do the three day strike, but a complete strike of WASHINGTON D.C. until this dictator is imprisoned. Who’s with me?

    • BevM

      I’m with you!! They should ALL be in Alcatraz until tried for treason by WE THE PEOPLE and found guilty for a multitude of reasons. Benghazi is just one of hundreds.

      The dictator in waiting needs to be imprisoned and tried for many crimes of TREASON!! Also his cabinet, past and present. I’ve written MANY responses but they’ve “disappeared.” I’m going to post the main point of my post before it disappears again. They’re funding the govt. just not this law that Americans DON’T LIKE. He’s changed it so many times, on his own, it’s NOT the law the DEMOCRATS passed in 2010.

      Get rid of it and the PROGRESSIVES!! SAVE AMERICA FROM OUR GOVT!!

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Log Jam
    Shut Washington DC Down for Three Days !
    Washington DC as it is
    is worthless.
    Roll On Truckers !

  • geneww1938

    I am sure they will make sure the trucks are empty coming and going to reduce the CO2 foot print from better gas mileage. Love our truckers and bikers.

    What would happen if every driver went into Washington and had their car stall bumper to bumper for 12 hours. They could tail gate until the cars could start again.

  • molon labe

    power to the big wheels! Shut it down!

  • Linda Fink

    Hope it all comes together we need to show this government what we can do, SHUT IT DOWN!!!

  • catman

    This type of operation has been tried before and it has always been a failure and here are the reasons:
    Independent drivers (owner/operators) have huge payments of those trucks. They shut down and they lose money big time and COULD stand to lose their truck. Also, they can and will be “blackballed” by shippers and will not be able to get the loads they need to survive. Next comes the company driver. He/she works for a company that is in operation to make money. The freight they haul has to be delivered in a timely manner or the shipper or receiver will not use that company again. The driver is told that if they shut down for even a day without permission they will be fired.
    I have seen drivers fired when they are several thousand miles from home. They clean out their personal belongings in the truck and they are on their own getting home. If they try to take the truck back toward home they will be arrested and charges with grand theft/auto, a felony.
    I do wish the truckers every success in this endeavor, but I fear it is all for naught. There will be a few of course, but for something like this to succeed it will take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of trucks to stop running even if for one day.
    Trucks stop and the economy stops along with them………


      Well, isn’t that the whole point!? To stop the economy to make a point? Isn’t that what Obama is threatening to do if the defunding of his super plan is enacted upon? We’ve all taken a hard hit in the last few years. A couple of days isn’t going to hurt pocket books as much as the continuation of this regime and it’s socialist goals.

      In L.A. they are going to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Won’t that hurt the trucking industry MORE than 3 days of protesting? That will put more truckers out of work than anything else. The illegals will drive for less money and be a potential tremendous hazard on the road to everyone else.

      Everyone keeps writing on these sites that something HAS to be done. Then when people start to do something about it, it is decried. It’s either going to be, take America back or let Obama have his way… Which do you want?

      We can’t keep on the same road we’ve been on! It leads to destruction and the assimilation of the U.S. into a socialist/muslim society. I’ll be damned if I let that happen without a fight!!!

      Sorry for the rant Catman, it’s just how I feel and see things. God bless.

      • catman

        Not a problem Sarg. Thanks for your service by the way. I was Korea/Navy. I agree with you all the way. I was only trying to point out that it has been tried before and failed. If I still had my truck, I’d be there with them. But the majority of these drivers have families and can’t afford the risk of losing everything. But I sure wish them the best and morally support them.

    • Troy Babbitt

      I am a company driver and although I can’t drive the company truck to DC, I can call in sick for 2 to 3 days or schedule my time off for those days or put in for some vacation time. It is doable.

      • Doris C

        And what truck will you use. It is doable and if businesses who are hurt by the obama policies got together and sent their truck/ or trucks what a message that would send.

      • mogul264

        What trucks that are there should take their own sweet time to go from light to light, A normal 45 – 50 second traverse taking several minutes idling point to point will slow stuff MARKEDLY! Leave 2 – 3 (more if over 30MPH), truck lengths between vehicles! We DO want SAFETY, of course!

      • ozarklady

        My son drives for a company but he owns his own truck. Therefore, he can take off when ever he wants for as long as he wants. IT IS DOABLE, but not without some cost. Fuel running around 4 dollars a gal. or better. His truck gets around 7 miles to a gal.

  • Charlie

    Oh heck let’s do road trains like the ones in Australia. Trucks that have 10 / 20 / 30 trailers attached together. Fewer drivers needed . Just think at a traffic light 2 or 3 MPH an hour latter last trailer of one road train. LMAO

  • Washington22

    Wish the truckers had a web site so we could make contributions to them for their fuel costs. I know it’s gonna cost big time. I’d be willing to buy them a few gallons. I’m so proud of them and their idea. I’ll be watching and participating in my own small American way.

  • Mary

    makes me proud, that we still have real AMERICANS

  • dominke

    Bikers and truckers are the only ones that will stand up for American people. The rest are lazy or ignorant.

  • marineh2ominer

    Washington22 is right they need to set up a web sight , or have someone do it for them to take up contributions for their fuel and efforts , if you or I can’t go there we can at least support them financially . I wish we could raise enough to keep them there for a couple of weeks .

    • Doris C

      Im in. I will gladly send money to wherever they designate.

  • ozarklady

    JUST DO IT!!! Truckers got the grit to stand up and fight. GO TRUCKERS. ROAR INTO D.C.
    Spread some carbon on the Whitte House for me.

  • o4heavenssake

    I really hope they do this, if only to show people how important these truckers are.

  • Mikebark

    When will truckers learn??? Having a 3 day strike is like Obummer’s “limited strike” on Syria! If you announce how long the strike will be, the stores will just stock up and wait it out! They are used to that! They do it every holiday! Instead, you just say ” We’re going on strike until we get what we want!” Then you stay home for days or weeks or months until you get it! Announcing how long you’re staying out is a waste of your time and mine and I refuse to participate in stupidity.

  • George Reagan

    WOW ! ! ! ! This just keeps getting better and better. It seems main stream American Patriots are waking up. What’s next ? ? ? The NHRA? ? ? Let’s have some Drag Racing down 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That ought to wake the politicos up. Next we could have some 10 yard senior cane races or a big band era concert.

  • eriond52

    I am retired Army and one of my jobs was movement control. The laws governing movement of trucks on the nation’s highways state that a truck driver can drive for a maximum of 11 hours, and work for a maximum of 14 hours in a day, before having to take 10 hours off duty or in the sleeper. He is also limited to working no more than 70 hours in an 8 day period, before he has to take a 34-hour reset. If they plan carefully, the 70 hour period would happen just at the time they were driving by the white house; preferably on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Further, they could come at the enemy from all directions and effectively surround the Presidential Palace, blocking both directions for at least 34 hours. That would send a very powerful message to the socialist party.