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Bikers from across America roared into Washington Sept. 11 to get the attention of the White House and Congress with the message they’re really not fans of the “change America” themes pursued of late.

Organized through a loose coalition of Facebook pages and a contingent of volunteers who each took care of their own state, it resulted in official estimates of about a million motorcycles descending on Washington.

Now, the big rigs want Washington’s attention, too. And they’ll be coming in 18 wheels at a time, instead of two.

Once again, the plans are appearing on a number of Facebook pages, where truckers say they are fed up with the changes in America and the administration’s failure to address adequately a number of economic issues that hit consumers hard. And they want something done.

One page, called Truckers to Shut Down America, calls for a three-day general strike by truckers Oct. 11-13.

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