About That New iPhone…

You can be sure the NSA already has their hands into it.
Check it out:

It’s a frosty day in the devil’s dungeon when a hardcore liberal raises questions normally reserved for the likes of Rand Paul. In the excitement surrounding the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS7, and the launch of their new handsets (iPhone 5S and 5C), many Americans seem uninterested in a potential privacy and security flaw built in to the new iPhone 5S. It was ultra-liberal Senator Al Franken from Minnesota who was the first to question the new fingerprint reader on the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile phone.

If you recall the beginning of the summer when Edward Snowden leaked information about surveillance the NSA was conducting, it was those on the far right who pushed back with the most force. Rand Paul and conservatives and libertarians everywhere were outraged at the allegations. For them, the government being able to eavesdrop on their phone calls was unimaginable, and blatantly unconstitutional. While their concerns have merit, it is ironic that conservative pundits are not sounding off on this potential issue. Rather, it is the far left that is raising concerns of privacy.



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