Misunderstanding American Exceptionalism

The thing is that there are some things not very exceptional about America like the lazy and liberal liars. Conservative historical American values are very exceptional!
Check it out:

I’m telling you, folks, that is a crucially important thing for people to know. I’m not gonna go through the whole definition of American exceptionalism again, but these people don’t even understand what it is, and because of their misconception, the American left is populated by people who really think that it’s wrong to think there’s anything special about the United States.

When you have a growing number of people who think that, it does not bode well, because this country is exceptional, and you heard all the reasons for it yesterday. It’s an exception to the rule of what life is like for most people on the planet. It’s an exception to that, and for these people to not even understand it and not recognize it and want to agree with a former KGB agent on the fact there’s nothing special about this country?

It’s no wonder what’s happening to this country is happening to it, with these people in charge. They don’t even think there’s anything worth preserving here, and that’s why they want to seek to transform it. They really do believe, “There’s nothing special here. In fact, it’s flawed. The founding of this country was unjust, and it was immoral and we’re gonna go fix it.” So what’s remarkable to me about this is not that a Russian leader, ex-communist leader is quoting the pope in all this.

It is that he writes an op-ed chastising Americans and our president for thinking there’s anything special about this country, and we have a rash of Americans running to agree with him! It’s not a good sign. Grab five, six, and seven. Here’s Trump, and this last night. He’s at On the Record with Greta. She said, “Last night there was an op-ed in New York Times by Putin and right before On the Record started the news broke. So I’m curious what you think. Do you think President Obama knew that this Putin op-ed was coming, or was this an end run on the president?”



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