Why is McCain still a Republican? Does he ever do anything that supports Republicans? He needs to retire as a Democrat so they can put him in their liberal hall of fame.
Check it out:

See, this is the problem. The Democrats win and they want some far-left radical judge, “Oh, they won, they get it.” When we win, they don’t accept it and do everything they can to subvert, corrupt, disrupt, and stop the implementation of our agenda. We are respectful. “Well, they won. They get what they want.” Senator McCain, look at the polls on Obamacare. You will not find a majority of the American people in support. This is what amazes me. The Republican Party has a guaranteed majority out there waiting to be connected with in the massive numbers of Americans that oppose this, because Americans are losing faith in their country. And that is so sad, because it’s so unnecessary. They should be losing faith with the Democrat Party and the architects of the policies that have created this malaise. We don’t sit here and just accept this, when there’s a chance to stop it. Anyway, Senator McCain, I don’t think I have ever heard him attack a Democrat like he does here.

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