Making Sense of the GOP’s Obamacare Plan

Conservatives will have to stand tough through this mess.
Check it out:

From the Daily Caller. They say that they have learned the Republicans’ new plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. This, by the way, is from the Republican leadership. This is not Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. This is the leadership. These are the people that we have thought did not want to do anything to oppose Obama. We’ve been thinking that the leadership’s problem was with Cruz and Mike Lee over in the Senate and whatever friends they have in the House.

It turns out that the Republicans have an alternative to Obamacare. “The 200-page budget-neutral bill would provide $20,000 in tax deductions to families and a $7,500 deduction to individuals, so they can buy insurance from vendors in any state.” It’s sort of like medical savings accounts. “It also would allow Americans to keep the money they save by picking lower-cost providers.” Now, they’d better try to advertise this.

Now, you and I are saying, “Why don’t they just vote to defund it? Why do they always have to come up with an alternative? Why can’t they just say ‘no’?” The theory in this case is, “Well, they did say ‘no’ but it still passed and has become law,” and, folks, the Republican leadership, I know, they don’t want to defund it or delay it. There’s two mechanisms. One is the fight over the continuing resolution. The other opportunity is the fight over the debt limit.

Those are two separate things, and the Republican leadership — in conservative intelligentsia, in the elite and scholarly sectors of conservatism, some of the think tanks, some of the, quote/unquote “real brains,” have decided that it would make more sense to make the stand in the fight over raising the debt limit instead of the continuing resolution, which is the end of this month, on the theory that most people don’t have any idea what a continuing resolution is.



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