Maher: Navy Yard Shooter Did What Biden Said — He Bought a Shotgun

Biden’s 2016 bid should be funny.
Check it out:

On Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the show saw a spirited discussion of the state of the gun debate in the U.S., and the prognosis was not optimistic.

Maher led the pessimism, declaring that even after tragedies such as those in Aurora, Newtown and most recently in Washington, D.C., leaders across the political spectrum are too enthusiastic about firearms to make any real changes.

“We’re not going to do anything, because both parties love guns,” Maher declared, pointed out that even Vice President Joe Biden encouraged Americans to buy shotguns for self defense.

Conservative commentator David Frum did not disagree that the problem is not getting any better. “The reason most people buy guns is… to make their families safe,” he said. “Most people who buy guns never kill anybody. The tragedy is, these things turn out to be wrong.” He cited statistics that draw a grim picture of the likelihood that a gun will be used on the member of a household rather than an intruder.



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