Liberal Media Turns on Obama Economy

Liberals can only lie so much before the truth catches up with them.
Check it out:

You know, folks, even the Drive-By Media is starting to turn on Obama on the economy. The economic news, the unemployment news, it went down 7.3 from seven-point whatever it was, but the media knows that that’s not because jobs are being created.
A couple of them — I’ve got it here in the Stack — are telling the truth about it.

Reuters: “US Job Growth Misses Expectations, Offers Cautionary Note for Fed.” Now, what they’re doing, the Federal Reserve, if you’ve noticed, the stock market is — let me check. Even as we speak here, let me check the stock market. Well, it’s up right now, but not much. It was down a lot yesterday, trickling down, because the Federal Reserve is talking about no more quantitative easing, which is no more stimulus. And the people in the markets know that the only reason the stock market’s been going through the roof is because the Fed has been buying stock, not people. Short version of the truth. That’s the simplified version here. And if the Fed starts talking about no more of that, panic sets in.

So right to the rescue rides Reuters: “US Job Growth Misses Expectations, Offers Cautionary Note for Fed.” What Reuters is saying: don’t you dare stop priming the pump. Don’t you dare stop spending money and printing it, stock market or anywhere else, because the jobs market is precarious. We’re witnessing a tectonic shift in reporting on the economy. We really are. And it’s all about politics. It’s not about the media trying to get it right. Obama and the Democrats and their minions are deathly afraid that the Federal Reserve is going to look at the lowering unemployment rate and end quantitative easing. They’re scared to death, this is an amazing thing, too, because the unemployment rate went down to 7.3% not because a bunch of new jobs are created; it’s because even more people left the workforce.



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