The “Let It Collapse” Chorus

That would be nice if that was how it worked, but liberals never take the blame for bad things happening.
Check it out:

They’re not gonna like me for this. I’m gonna call it the Let It Collapse Chorus. You know, Cruz called them the Surrender Caucus and they didn’t like that, and so I’ll call Let It Collapse Chorus here, because this is not just the caucus. This is media people and any number of people. So this is a montage of Wednesday, yesterday, last night, and this morning. This is mostly people from Fox News — and look, they’re not alone.

I guess the prevailing wind in Washington on our side is that there is no way this bill can ever work. It’s going to collapse; it’s going to be a disaster. Well, so is Social Security. So is Medicare. So is food stamps. So was the War on Poverty. So’s the Great Society. All of those don’t work. The black family has been ripped apart by LBJ’s War on Poverty and the Great Society! I mean, literally it has — and it’s not me saying that.

It is African-Americans for 25 years who’ve called here and made that point. There isn’t a one of these programs that works. The stimulus didn’t work, but what happens is there is this blind faith in government, particularly low-information people. They believe that everybody’s intentions are good, even if it doesn’t work. “Well, they’re trying! At least they care!” You’ve heard that. “At least they’re trying!



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