The Lesson of Scott Brown

Big lesson is not to be a liberal.
Check it out:

Remember Scott Brown? Scott Brown was, for a brief moment in time, a Republican hero to the conservative base when he had a legitimate shot at winning the Senate seat that been held by Ted Kennedy for decades. The reason he was a Republican hero was that he was campaigning very effectively and very persuasively against Obamacare.

Scott Brown, a moderate Republican, was nevertheless a Republican hero because it was understood that his election represented the one necessary vote to stopping Obamacare. Scott Brown prevented the Democrats from getting 60 votes in the Senate. As a result of this, or because of this, people all over this country were sending campaign contributions to Scott Brown, money.

People were sending their money to Scott Brown because they judged him to be on their side, not just on Obamacare, but on pretty much everything else, many other things. The Republican base has been united on this anti-Obamacare pedestal for five years. From the first day Obama talked about it, the Republican base has been unified. It is no more opposed to it today than it was five years ago. The Republican Party base has been full-fledged, 150% against it from the first day.



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