Left Wants to Focus on Guns, Not Terrorism

Liberals goal is to get guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.
Check it out:

Here’s why it’s terrorism. It is terrorism because we shut down the United States Senate. It’s terrorism because we canceled a baseball game. The Washington Nationals and whoever else. The only thing it didn’t cancel was Obama trashing the Republicans for trying to prevent a disaster from being implemented, Obamacare. Outside of that, how can you not call it terrorism when the Senate says, “We’re outta here.”? How can you not call it terrorism when the people responsible for putting on the Washington Nationals game think it would be safer and more respectful and whatever else to cancel the game? Of course it’s terrorism.

The answer to your question, terrorism, as a word, means militant Islamists. And that’s what is not gonna be permitted to be considered. So if we call it terrorism, then the regime thinks and the media thinks that people are going to start blaming militant Islamists, so, as far as that’s concerned, only militant Islamists can engage in terrorism. This was just a really, really bad crime that was the fault of guns and their availability. This is an incident that, when it happens, the Democrats first thing they say is, “Okay, did a right-winger do it, or did the guy who did it listen to right-wing radio or Fox News?” That’s the first thing. “Is he a Tea Party guy?” It’s the first thing they look at. Then the next thing they look at is race. “Okay, what’s the race of the shooter, is he white?”

They hope that it’s a white Tea Party member. That’s how they start the coverage of these events. Hey, folks, I give you Brian Ross. The most recent shooting in Colorado. Brian Ross goes on ABC (paraphrasing), “Guess what we found? We found a guy, member of a Tea Party group in Colorado that’s got the same name. Now, we can’t be sure…” Well, then why are you putting it out if you can’t be sure? They wanted the Colorado shooter to be a white conservative. Remember the Boston Marathon bombing, some reporter actually said, “Oh, my God, I hope it’s not a dark-skinned guy. Oh, my God, oh, my God, I hope whoever did it is white.” The first thing they hope is it’s a white Tea Party conservative. When that isn’t the case they hope it’s just white. Then they hope it’s not Muslim. Then if all those are met, coast is clear, it’s the problem of guns. And that’s where we are, and that’s why it’s not terrorism. It’s guns.



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