Last Gasp of the Climate Change Cult

They are still trying to push the lie. They still have those who believe without question and the liberal press is trying their best to keep people uninformed.
Check it out:

The United Nations, as forecast — the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate or whatever — has predictably issued their latest report based on the hoax of manmade global warming, and they say that it is getting warmer and that we are causing it. I think it’s a blatant, flood-the-zone technique. We’re not getting warmer. For the last 15 years, it has not gotten warmer. Everybody’s running around in the global science community saying, “Global climate change,” trying to explain why it hasn’t warmed.

They’re using, “Well, it’s been hurricanes, volcanoes, Sahara dust and so forth.” I don’t know, folks. We live in an era where nothing is real except the nothing. The real nothing is what’s passed off as real, and what is real is mocked and laughed at, made fun of and discarded. Algore, four days ago, called for making climate change denial a taboo. Algore said, “There needs to be a political price for climate denial.” A political price?

Now, remember, we have a Constitution, and there is in the Constitution the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments. One of them, the first one, is freedom of speech — and specifically political speech was singled out as protected. Global warming is a political issue, and if you doubt that, the very people pushing it are all political people, be they scientists or otherwise. But Algore is a politician. He’s not a scientist. He has no formal scientific training. He never has had.

He’s a politician.



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