Lack of Confidence in Obama Explains GOP Opposition to Syria

Obama has bungled every military operation he has tried. We don’t need another mess from him.
Check it out:

It’s not hard to imagine the story of Syria and the GOP going something like this:

In a vote reflecting the dramatic shift toward a libertarian, non-interventionist foreign policy, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to deny President Barack Obama the authority he sought to use military force in Syria. In the Senate, more Republicans voted with Rand Paul, the upper chamber’s leading non-interventionist, than with John McCain, the leading hawk. The votes not only provided a stinging rebuke to the White House, but also signaled yet again the evolution of the GOP away from the internationalist party it has been for decades. Blah, blah, Rand Paul. Blah, blah, Justin Amash. Blah, blah, Ted Cruz.

It’s a good storyline. And there’s little doubt that there are more non-interventionist voices inside the Republican Party today than ten years ago. But non-interventionism or neo-isolationism or whatever it’s called these days doesn’t explain the Republicans on Syria.

The vast majority of congressional Republicans are not so much opposed to intervention as a matter of principle as they are opposed to this intervention, at this time, under this president. Their argument is simple: President Obama has failed to lead on Syria for more than two years and we don’t trust him to do so now.



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