Labor Force Rate Hits Carter-Era Low

Thanks liberals. You own this economy.
Check it out:

Even with job creation expectations lowered to an unserious 180,000, the Obama Recovery was unable to deliver. With only a measly 180,000 jobs expected in August, an even measlier 169,000 jobs were created. What is worse, though, is that the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFP) continues to artificially lower our nation’s unemployment rate, which fell to 7.3%. Unfortunately, this happened only because the LFP fell to its lowest level since 1978.

August’s LFP was 63.2%. The LFP was 65.7% when Obama became president:

In July, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there were 144,285,000 Americans with jobs. In August, the BLS estimated there were 144,170,000–a decline of 115,000.



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