Kerry claims he backed the Grenada invasion as a senator in 1983

How liberal liars have any credibility is unbelievable.
Check it out:

He wasn’t a senator at the time. Oh, and here’s what he actually said about it. Oops.

One of the things liars tend to do is respond with overwrought indignation when you call them out as liars. And usually you can detect a pattern. Like, say, a guy claims to be a war hero but a bunch of his contemporaries emerge to say they were there and his claims are without merit. Stop the smears, demands the liar. Or, the president of Russia calls him a liar and he sniffs, why I’m a decorated combat veteran!

Just a couple of completely hypothetical examples.

With this in mind, I present to you, America, your Secretary of State – a man who came horrifyingly close to being president of the United States.

John Kerry has always had a little problem with chrononlogy, which would explain his claim that Richard Nixon sent him into Cambodia in December 1968. And now, as the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto points out, Kerry is inventing an alternate 1985 that would make Biff Tannen proud.



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