Karma Breakfast : Gun Grabbing Colorado Senators Recalled

Good to see conservatives can get out and vote to make a difference.
Check it out:

As we wake up this morning, the Colorado Senate Democrat caucus is light by 2 Jackasses. Democrats rarely concern themselves with consent of the governed. They blithely lie right through their teeth during election season, then do what they want. They rarely face a day of reckoning. In Colorado however, yesterday was that day. Earlier this year, the State legislature and governor used the occasion of the Newtown massacre (never let a crisis go to waste) to jam through strict gun-grabbing legislation with the full knowledge that the citizens of Colorado would hate it. Hey who cares, we’ll just lie to them during the next election season, smear opponents, organize, cheat, rely on the LeftMedia to carry our water, and all will be well.



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