John F. Kerry, Blithering Idiot

Kerry’s flip flopping career is one that not even his mother could be proud of.
Check it out:

This whole Syria thing, it really is a national embarrassment. It’s the theater of the absurd. We have blithering idiots who have reached the pinnacle of power. I mean, who is this guy? This guy’s thrown his medals over the fence. This guy’s twice, at least, accused the US military of being rapists, murderers and terrorists. He’s now secretary of state! All of these sixties, spoiled brat radicals are now in positions of power and they are unqualified.

They are incompetent, they are inept and they are fools, and it’s on display now. It is a low point for this country in terms of stature, respect. So this is yesterday. This is on Capitol Hill, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on possible authorization force use in military force in Syria. This is when McCain was caught playing poker on his iPhone.

You know, I’m saying, “Gee, it would be great if he would draw four queens and think that that means he’s now in a Muslim marriage,” but it’s a dream. So the question came from Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. Here’s another guy. This guy was flying women of questionable repute down to the Dominican Republic on a donor’s plane and doing things of questionable repute with these women who were not his wife and it barely caused a ripple in the media.

It was nothing. Not one story of how desperate the women must have been to accept an invitation from this guy. Not one story about using women, abusing women, objectifying women. None of that. And here this guy is asking Kerry this question: “Would you tell us whether you believe that a prohibition for having American boots on the ground, is that something that the administration would accept as part of a resolution? American boots on the ground?”



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