Israel Laughs at Obama’s ‘Face-Saving’ Syria Deal

Most people are laughing at Obama’s incompetence.
Check it out:

President Barack Obama switched gears Monday, embracing a Russian-backed proposal to have Syria transfer its chemical weapons stockpile to international control–an idea that emerged from a gaffe earlier in the day by Secretary of State John Kerry. The proposal may allow President Obama to “save face” as defeat looms in Congress for his attack resolution, but Israeli leaders openly scorned the idea of trusting Syria to obey international monitors given that the regime has flouted similar measures on arming Hezbollah.

President Shimon Peres, a staunch supporter of President Obama, reacted to the proposal by warning that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is “not trustworthy,” and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said that Syria merely would use any such deal to “buy time,” according to the AP. They seemed to agree with skeptics in the U.S. such as conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, who noted that the deal cements Assad’s efforts to stay in power and effectively guarantees him victory in Syria’s civil war.



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