Hundreds gather to fly Confederate flag high above I-95 amid controversy

Anyone who looks at the War of Northern Aggression just a little bit will see that it wasn’t about slavery but about States’ Rights vs Federal control. Guess where we are today with the out of control federal government.
Check it out:

With a rebel yell, “Dixie,” had its day Saturday.

As promised, the Virginia Flaggers heritage group hoisted yesterday a 15 foot-by-15 foot Confederate battle flag on a swath of freshly cleared forestland adjacent to well-traveled I-95 in Virginia.

An historian spoke, a rendition of “Dixie,” was sung, a bagpiper played “Amazing Grace,” – and, yes – there was, indeed, a rebel yell.

Hundreds gathered for the ceremony, held in Chester, about 10 miles south of Richmond.

The flaggers had announced earlier this year their intention to hoist the red-and-blue flag up a 50-foot pole located on a parcel of privately owned land donated specifically for the purpose.



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