House Plans Friday Vote to Defund Obamacare

The only way this could work is if they shut down the government and won’t open it unless Obama signs the defunding. But I doubt there will be enough conservatives with this resolve.
Check it out:

After Tea Party groups and conservative lawmakers pressured House Republican leaders to defund Obamacare, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Wednesday set a vote for Friday on a resolution that would fund the government except for Obamacare.

The House Republican leadership also announced that they intend to ask for a one-year delay in Obamacare for an increase in the debt ceiling.

Congress and President Barack Obama must agree to a short-term resolution to fund the government before the current continuing resolution expires on September 30. The country is also set to hit its debt limit in mid-October.

Last week, after the “Exempt America” rally, which the Tea Party Patriots and ForAmerica organized, House Republican leaders could not get enough votes on an initial resolution to fund the government that would have had a defunding Obamacare resolution attached to it. Conservatives said they would not vote for such a “gimmick” that made it look like Republicans were trying to defund Obamacare when they were not.



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