House GOP opens 2-front war on ObamaCare

We need an all out blitz on ObamaCare.
Check it out:

House Republicans are opening a two-front war on ObamaCare, pushing for a vote this weekend on a bill that would delay the health care law in exchange for raising the debt ceiling — a week after handing the Senate a separate bill that would defund the law.

At the same time, President Obama was launching a final push to promote the law in advance of a major provision going into effect next Tuesday.

Speaking at a Maryland community college in suburban Washington, he decried the “misinformation” swirling around the law but said Republicans have been unsuccessful “at every step” in their efforts to stop it.

Government-regulated insurance “exchanges” are set to launch on Oct. 1. “The closer we got to this date, the more irresponsible folks opposed to this law have become,” Obama claimed.



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