House Conservatives Warn GOP Senators: Vote for Cloture ‘Same As a Vote for Obamacare Itself’

Not sure we have enough conservatives to win this battle, but we must keep fighting.
Check it out:

A group of 21 conservative members of the House of Representatives sent a letter late Thursday to all 46 Senate Republicans warning them that if they voted for cloture on the continuing resolution in the Senate—which would put Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) in a position to reinstate Obamacare funding with just 51 partisan votes–the House conservatives would consider that vote for cloture the same as if these Republican senators had voted for Obamacare itself.

“As you are well aware,” the House conservatives wrote, “it is highly likely that Majority Leader Harry Reid will move to amend the House-passed CR and remove the language from the bill that defunds Obamacare before sending it back to the House.

“As you are also aware,” the conservatives wrote, “such a motion can only proceed if three-fifths of the Senate invokes cloture and allows this amendment process to begin. Simply put, the only chance that Senator Reid has to pursue this course of action is if six or more Republican Senators join the Democrats in voting to invoke cloture.



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