Does Hard Work Still Pay Off in America?

Never give up, never give in.
Check it out:

“Don’t let what you think’s happening to everybody else affect you. I mean, you go carve your niche just as if you thought things were normal. If you want to look at it as though you’ve got less competition here to make your mark, go ahead and do it. The opportunity still exists,” and you’re exactly right. There are millions of people striving to hold onto that very thing.

That’s what this fight is all about, and it’s a fight that’s always being waged.

It’s never totally won, and it’s never, ever totally defeated. Because there are always people that don’t like it — the founding, the things it stands for — and they happen to be running the country right now. But it can be overcome. It can be, particularly young people. That’s why they must get the truth of the nation, the truth the founding.



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