This is Not How a Great Power Operates

Such an embarrassment. Liberals have no business trying to do anything in the area of diplomacy.
Check it out:

To me this is embarrassing. This is just not how a great power goes about dealing with what we’re told here is a terribly consequential matter. I mean, Barack Obama is running around the world well, what is he doing now? He’s got the G20 coming up. The red line, he didn’t do it, but he did. We have the audio. He did. He used “me” and “I” when talking about flexibility and stuff last summer when he mentioned the red line. Then he’s off to Russia to meet with gay and lesbian leaders. In Russia, all because Putin is banning them from the Olympics.

You know, he says no to Putin at the G20. He punts Putin, but he’s going to go to Russia and meet with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people. It’s unserious. Obama’s a clown. Really, folks, I took all of this very seriously yesterday and I’m watching everybody here take it seriously and wring their hands over it. John Kerry is an absolute idiot. Wait ’til you hear the sound bites of Kerry yesterday at the hearing when Madea Benjamin of Code Pink shows up. They started having a love in practically as they’re remembering the great protest days of the sixties, while McCain’s sitting there playing poker on his iPhone! Poker, spades, what’s the difference? And you never know. He might have been involved in a remote game with Obama on the other end of it while this was all going on.

And meanwhile, does anybody remember all of those supposed gaffes that Mitt Romney made in his swing through Europe during the campaign? He didn’t make any gaffes, but every time he opened his mouth, the media said he’d committed a gaffe. They portrayed Romney as unqualified, a stick in the mud, an arrogant elitist, a rich guy out of touch with everybody, embarrassing himself every time he opened his mouth, which he didn’t. Romney was making serious statements. He was trying to deal with foreign policy as a candidate in a serious way making his swing through Europe and everybody putting it down, impugning it and so forth. And we have to sit here and watch somebody, our president, bumble through this stuff when everybody seems totally focused on making sure the world doesn’t figure out that we’ve got somebody bumbling through this stuff. And meanwhile, the world knows!



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