The GOP Wants to Trade In Its Base

The joke will be on the liberal leadership when they get traded in for conservatives.
Check it out:

The Democrats are the ones always advancing their agenda; the Republicans never say “no.” Because they are so frightened of the media and so frightened of the first black president, the Republicans’ initial reaction to every Democrat proposal is that they must have an alternative. In their view, Obama won. The American people, therefore, want Obama to get what he wants.

Therefore, to be seen positively by the American people, they must appear to be at least partially supportive of Obama, because he’s so loved and adored by the American people. I’m telling you, that’s how they think. So Obama proposes health care and the Republicans say, “Uhh, we’ve got a better plan,” and then they start trying to, quote, “fix” it. But the basic premise (government-run health care) survives, and it becomes what ends up being debated.

That’s why the Tea Party came into existence, frankly, because the Republican Party stopped opposing the Democrat Party. The Tea Party said, “Why are we sending ’em there?” and the Tea Party begot people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and they’ve gone there, and they’re opposing. They’re trying to stop it, and the Republican establishment is getting mad at ’em.

“Well, you guys are just obstructionists! You know, you guys aren’t legislators. You guys don’t compromise. We’re gonna get nothing done in Washington if you guys just constantly obstruct things,” and that’s what they were sent there to do. The whole party ought to be obstructing! The whole party ought to be saying “no” to everything in Obama’s agenda. They shoulda said “no” to the stimulus; they shoulda said “no” to Obamacare.



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