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  • Washington22

    The Republicans are producing STARS……….Notice they have all come from the TEA PARTY. That should tell everyone a thing or two. They are the NEW Republicans, not the old RINO-guard. I say, God Bless them and their families. 2016 is beginning to look promising. The show of leadership is something the old Repubs no nothing about. It takes guts and courage and these youngsters have a lot of it.

  • jong

    Right now it seems that all the House Republicans (no matter their past) have come together to tell Obama that they would rather shut down than shut up. Now for the Senate it is much tougher because they are out numbered to stand up. Thats what makes what Cruz did that much more important. If nothing else he has shown who needs to be replaced when we take it next year. And looking at all of Obama’s friend leaving we certainly will.