GOP Can Solve the Obamacare Problem

They need to stand up to Obama.
Check it out:

“Republicans Introduce Plan to Stop Obamacare Without Shutting Down Government — Republican Rep. Tom Graves and 42 House cosponsors introduced a budget plan Thursday to defund Obamacare without forcing a government shutdown, placing pressure solely on the shoulders of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,” it says here.

“Graves’ Security, Stability, and Fairness Resolution is a continuing resolution budget bill that offers a fiscal year 2014 budget that keeps the government open but does not fund Obamacare. The Obama [regime] has already delayed the law’s employer mandate until 2015, after the 2014 midterm elections. The ‘Defund Obamacare’ campaign spearheaded by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has repeatedly been accused of seeking a government shutdown if Cruz’s demands are not met. Graves’ legislation relieves Cruz of that burden and puts Harry Reid in the crosshairs.”


That’s how it’s designed. It’s not that easy, as I read this. But that’s how it’s designed. Now, folks, man-made problems have man-made solutions, and Obamacare’s a man-made problem. So there is a man-made solution to this, but I want to throw something out there, and I will admit that it’s easy for me to say. I’m a guy on the radio. I am not a politician. I do not campaign for votes, and I realize that if I did, I couldn’t do it by making people hate me — or not making, but having people hate me.



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