After GameDay, Obama Announces National Emergency, then Hits Golf Course

Obama has a serious problem with getting his priorities straight.
Check it out:

On the opening weekend of the college football season and nearly 30 minutes after the conclusion of College GameDay, President Barack Obama announced that he has decided America’s military “should take military action against Syrian regime targets,” but he would first seek Congressional approval.

President Obama said he was convinced Syrian President Bashir Assad had ordered a chemical weapon attack on his citizens and that the US, and the world community, must act in response. Obama called on Congress to authorize a military attack against Syria. A new foreign policy crisis now faces the US. After the press event, Obama and Biden went golfing.

I’m not an expert in foreign policy, but I can think of a few things a President ought to do after requesting authority for a military strike on a sovereign nation. There are probably some Congressional leaders who ought to be briefed. There are likely one or two world leaders who would appreciate a chat about the US plans. No doubt generals in the military would have a thought or two about how things should proceed.



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