France to give ‘clear evidence’ Syria regime behind attack

There doesn’t seem to be anyone we can trust in this conflict.
Check it out:

France was set Monday to provide what it says is clear evidence that the Syrian regime was behind a devastating chemical attack, as Western leaders bid to overcome widespread scepticism to military action.

With US President Barack Obama also lobbying Congress to back strikes, Damascus said it remained on alert for a possible attack, urging the United Nations to “prevent any aggression” against it.

French government sources said evidence proving the regime’s involvement in the attack would be provided to top lawmakers at a meeting with Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault at 1500 GMT.

“It will be a set of evidence of different kinds that will allow the regime to be clearly identified as responsible for the August 21 chemical attack,” a government source said.

Another government source said the evidence would include “declassified secret documents” and that “some of them could be made public”.



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