‘Fairness Amendment’: House Republicans Demand Two-Year Obamacare Delay

Any delay would be good.
Check it out:

In response to President Barack Obama’s demands that the House pass a continuing resolution that funds the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans fired back, demanding a delay for all of Obamacare until 2015.

The amendment, led by Tom Graves (R-GA), the congressman behind the House’s Obamacare defunding push, is called the “Fairness Amendment” and would, according to Graves’ office, delay the healthcare law until 2015.

“A simple and reasonable way to ensure fairness for all is to provide every American the same one-year Obamacare delay that President Obama provided for businesses and others,” Graves (pictured) said in his announcement of the new plan, which already has 62 cosponsors, including himself. “Beyond the Obama Administration’s major delays to Obamacare, it seems like every day there is a new headline about how the law is not ready for implementation.

“It’s simply wrong to roll the dice with this major law, enact protections for businesses and insurance companies, but force individuals and families to comply with all the mandates, fines and confusion.”



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