Looks like mornings will be as fun as ever on FoxNews.
Check it out:

This morning on Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her debut and got a surprise visit from a very special friend – former co-host of ‘The View’ Sherri Shepherd. Along with hugs, Sherri brought some gifts for Elisabeth, including a bridal book (Elisabeth was in Sherri’s wedding), and a special picture collage.

Sherri also had some tips for Brian and Steve on how to be close-knit with Elisabeth.

Sherri said, “Always ask about her children. Always have anything gluten free on the set. […] Always come to work with a smile. She loves a smile, she cares about people. She knows about your kid if their sick. She’ll give you advice, she’ll give you the shirt off of her back literally. […] Always be really nice and kind and you’ve got a friend for life.”

Elisabeth said that she feels like she’s in the best hands here at Fox and Friends.