Drive-By Media Disputes Kerry’s Claim That the Syrian Rebels are “Moderates”

Obama’s lack of leadership around the world has caused this whole situation to spiral out of control.
Check it out:

Reuters: “Kerry Portrait of Syria Rebels at Odds With Intelligence Reports.” This is a Reuters story, and now, no matter where you look, even in the Drive-By Media, they’re starting to say that what the regime is telling us isn’t necessarily true.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is funny. This is yesterday in Washington on Capitol Hill during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the possible use of force against Syria. John Kerry, the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam once, is being questioned by Mike McCaul, congressman, Texas, who said to Kerry, “My greatest concern, when we look at Syria, is who’s gonna fill the vacuum when the Assad regime falls?” Which we know that it will. Who’s gonna fill that vacuum? Are the rebel forces, the extremists gonna take over, not just the government, but are they gonna take over these weapons? ‘Cause they’re the ones most likely to use these weapons against Americans and the United States.

KERRY: I just don’t agree that a majority are Al-Qaeda and the bad guys. That’s not true. There are about 70 to a hundred thousand oppositionists, about somewhere, maybe, 15 to 25% might be in one group or another who are what we would deem to be bad guys. There is a real moderate opposition that exists. General Idris is running the military arm of that.



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