Dems Outraged by GOP’s Attempt at Oversight of ObamaCare

Liberals know there is going to be a ton of fraud. It’s how they roll.
Check it out:

A Wall Street Journal editorial on Thursday observed that Democrats are a bit touchy these days. Apparently, questions about the $67 million spent on ObamaCare “navigators” are a no-no.

The “navigators” are non-government groups, like Planned Parenthood and Migrant Health Promotion, Inc., that have received federal funds to help Americans determine their subsidies for enrollment in the ObamaCare state exchanges. Though navigators were supposed to cost $54 million, HHS boosted that amount to $67 million by dipping into a “wellness” fund.

No background checks are required for the navigators, who will have access to the private information of Americans seeking health insurance on the exchanges. HHS says that navigators must obey security and privacy requirements but doesn’t define what those requirements are. This seeming little thought for Americans’ privacy has led more than a dozen state attorneys general to be alerted to the potential for fraud and identity theft.



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