Dem Seeks Office By Promising to Keep Sub-standard Abortion Clinics Open

Lovely. Liberals seem to have this lust for abortion that is never satisfied. You’d think they’d want the new voters dependent on government.
Check it out:

I hate it when people generalize a political party and imply that all members who align themselves with a particular party are like…that guy. I know that I’d hate it if someone saw that I was a registered Republican and assumed that I was like John McCain. Now, I wouldn’t mind being paired up with Rand Paul, but anyway – my point is, you can’t generalize. However, when it comes to intensely serious issues like the issue of abortion, hearing the comment of a pro-choicer can give you a lot of insight into how the pro-choice group thinks, as a whole. That goes both ways, in my opinion. Hearing the argument of a pro-life person will give you a good idea as to why there are so many in this country who are appalled by abortion.



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