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  • jong

    This is a very good way in the end to tell who is really who. People who are willing to have abortion except for medical or rape reasons are lacking in morals and ethics. This transcends political lines That is what make it “outside” of normal lines of political thinking. Somethings are just indications that civilized people have and others do not. Liberals almost universally revere abortion as a sacrament of their mental illness. These people are to be avoided first because of their lack of morals and ethics. Secondly because they are liberal. One thing leads generally to the other.

  • patriotusa2

    Of course he’ll keep all the abortion clinics open because he knows it’s a winner with the many women voters. Killing babies by the millions is a successful business today, and so are all the other abnormalities that have been legally made lawful. Wonder what the liberals will dream up next to increase the depravity of our culture to appease all their followers.

  • vet

    We have legalized genocide taking place in this country and the liberals love it.Has anyone checked the stats on who these people are? If the welfare crowd uses the babies for free income from the state then they would seem to be the last ones using it.If they are all liberals then why would they be killing off their voters?I’m sure that if a conservative used it then it was life threatening.So who are these 55 million or so people that uses this slaughter house?