Cruz: Syria Strike a Mistake, Obama Admin Has No Viable Plan

Obama is nothing but a mistake.
Check it out:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Sunday said a U.S. strike on Syria would be a “mistake” and charged that the Obama administration had no “viable plan for success.”

“A military attack is a mistake,” said Cruz on ABC’s “This Week.”

“This attack is not based on defending U.S. national security,” he added.

President Obama has asked Congress to authorize a military strike on Syria to punish strongman Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons in that country’s two-year civil war. But that call faces an uphill climb with liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans both skeptical of U.S. intervention.

The White House though is making a full-court press to rally support with Obama to deliver a national address on Tuesday, arguing that U.S. credibility is at stake after Assad crossed a “red line” by using weapons of mass destruction. Chief of Staff Denis McDonough appeared on all five Sunday shows to make the administration’s case that Assad should be punished.



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