The Crux of Cruz’s Message: Obamacare is a Disaster

Insurance is almost useless with as high as premiums and deductibles are now.
Check it out:

The crux of his message throughout the 21 hours…I think it’s important to point out that in all those 21 hours, he didn’t say one critical or personal thing about anybody, Republican or Democrat. Despite the fact that the only opposition to him was personal, vicious, and mean, he did not sink to that level. Obviously he didn’t need a teleprompter for any of it. But the points that he tried to make over and over again was this legislation, this health care reform is a disaster. It doesn’t deserve to be implemented because it’s so bad.

The Medicare cuts that help pay for this have been delayed.

The employer mandate has been delayed until 2015, which is after the midterm elections. The employer mandate mandates the employer to provide health insurance. Now the employer doesn’t have to! The employer can cut loose employees from health care, and guess who’s gonna get blamed? Not Obamacare, not the government, but the evil corporations. Evil management. They’re free to off-load these health care plans now.

And that’s the idea. The idea is to get rid of as much private sector health insurance as possible. That’s what this plan has as its ultimate aim is for you to have only one place to go get health insurance, and that’s a government the exchange. That is the ultimate utopia. That is the objective of Obama and the Democrats — and hell, I guess even some of the Republican establishment. Subsidy verification?

That was where you go to the an exchange and verify that you qualify for a subsidy. That’s been delayed. Virtually anybody can now go to an exchange and get a subsidy, which, while it might sound good — “Oh, yeah, Rush! That’s free! That’s paid-for health care” — it’s gonna bust the bank. It’s not good.



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