Cory Booker’s e-flirt with raunchy stripper

The more that comes out about Booker, the more that we see he is just the typical immoral liberal.
Check it out:

Cory Booker has made an online friend who loves attention as much as he does — a bleached-blond, vegan stripper, with a topless photo on her Twitter page and a tattoo eagle flying out of her bikini bottom.

The Newark mayor, the Democratic candidate for Senate in New Jersey’s special election on Oct. 16, has been gushing over the Oregon pole-dancer on Twitter for months.

In one direct message he told her, “The East Coast loves you and by the East Coast, I mean me.”

Dancer Lynsie Lee — whose bare-breasted Twitter profile describes her as having “wits and t-ts” — has returned the love. She’s posted screen shots of her exchanges with Booker online and tweeted images of herself with pictures of him.



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