Has Congress Approved that Tramp Stamp?

Politicians have way too much time on their hand.
Check it out:

Thank GOODNESS! Washington is finally focusing their energy and manpower on tackling an important issue! They’ve now decided to manage a new area of our lives. Guns, religion, business, marriage – that’s old news. They’re finally focusing on what matters – tramp stamps. I’m not making this up. See for yourself in this 66-page page draft regarding “body art” that the Health Department just released. I guess after Bloomberg’s war on soda pop and ear buds, we shouldn’t be surprised. It just amazes me that while real issues like a military strike in Syria…and the truth about Benghazi…and the IRS and NSA scandals loom…some guy in Washington is wiping his brow as he types about…tattoos. They’re wanting to institute a 24-hour waiting period that you have to complete before getting a tattoo or piercing.



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