Chemical Weapons Used in Damascus Again

There are so many questions on who is actually using these weapons.
Check it out:

According to Syrian rebels, on Thursday, the Assad regime launched another gas attack in Damascus. Rebels said that the attack happened in the Jobar area of Damascus, and that they did not know the nature of the chemical weapons, but that rebels were having trouble breathing. The rebels also posted video to Youtube showing rebels struggling to breathe.

The Syrians, apparently emboldened by the Obama administration’s decision to allow Syrian ally Russia to delay action through negotiation at the United Nations, have launched new assaults against the rebels ever since Tuesday. On Wednesday, 11 people were apparently killed in an Assad attack on a Syrian field hospital.

If the reports are accurate, the new attack represents a significant setback to the Obama administration’s new Russian-led negotiation strategy. Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to insist, in somewhat pathetic fashion, that negotiations with Russia may bear fruit, even as the Russian regime reportedly plans on setting up a new nuclear facility, as well as selling anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.



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