California One Signature Away from Statewide Ban on Lead Ammo

Can we just give California to the liberals and let it become its own country?
Check it out:

Legislation that would completely ban lead ammunition from the state of California is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s (D) desk, waiting for his signature to become law.

California already has a lead ammo ban in eight counties, but the Democrat-dominated assembly wants to broaden the ban to cover the entire state.

According to Fox News, proponents of the ban claim it will protect endangered species, like the condor.

Proponents also “point to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and the North Dakota Department of Public Health that concluded lead is so prevalent in meat harvested through hunting that pregnant women and children should never eat it.”

The NRA and others have countered these claims by saying, “the 2008 studies never conclusively linked consumption with illness in humans.” Moreover, because copper bullets are more expensive, forcing hunters to buy them instead of lead ammo would make hunting cost-prohibitive for many Californians. This, in turn, would reduce the number of hunters, and “the state would lose millions of dollars in hunting license fees that [currently] pay for conservation efforts.”



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