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  • Philip Hansen

    Boehner is a wimp.

  • 83footsailor

    Make it simple and ** QUICK ** – – just go in and flat out dump on them.

    • Jackie

      Better to just let them kill each other and stay out of it!

  • monacall

    boehner is a traitor

    • Charles

      I hope he will be voted out in the next election.

      • Washington22

        or sooner…………..

  • monacall

    how about protecting our borders first…..these lying son of a bracks…..wont help their own people but some rag head they are running all over themselves to help…I say impeach them all………lying traitors…

    • 5live5

      Yeah, I just wonder who is coming across our southwestern border! They’ve found quite a few prayer rugs along the illegal routes!

  • SamIamtwo

    But who is backing Boehner? Too late and ALL of the international bad guy players are now yacking it up.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I’m afraid you’re right. This country looks so weak right now… and in fact we ARE weak with this clown in the White House.

  • Jack Laurie

    Odumbo the Racist Clown is trying to pass the buck on this, but it won’t work this time….he owns it!!!


    Surely the few REAL Republicans left will finally be fed up with Boehner and get him out of leadership. He is killing us!

    • mhchaos

      Do those exist in the D.C?

      • WHBUSMC65

        You may have a point there!

      • Goodforall

        Besides Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, not sure there are any left!

      • Washington22

        There are a small few…… them with words and money. We need them.

      • 5live5

        Yeah, there are about three in all of DC. Quite a rare bird!!!

  • spidermike

    Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Boehner’s gotta go!

  • truthseeker110

    Crybaby Boehner once more caving in to Obama. A coward, a traitor and a poor excuse for a man; this just about sums him up.

    • 5live5


  • MaranathaMark

    No surprises here, just like McCain and Graham supporting the attack! They are nothing more than turn-coat, RINO’s who are there to make it look like Obama has bi-partisan support! Boehner should have been dumped months ago, as speaker. Had they have done that, provided we actually put a real conservative with a spine in the Speaker’s seat, we’d already defunded Obamacare and Amnesty bill would be DOA, and this Syrian thing would be a non-start before it got to the House!

    • Jean

      Boehner, McCain, Graham have crossed the line. For the love of power and elitism, they have sold us out to our enemies. They are TRAITORS, no longer worthy to carry the name American, Congressman or Senator. They should all be removed from office immediately with the man sitting in Our Oval Office.
      Lord God, please heal our land. Amen

      • Goodforall

        Couldn’t be a more clear case for term limits! The power has warped their brains-if they ever had any in the first place. I am sicken by these turn-coats!

    • ARMYOF69

      There was a lot said by the MISSING Democrats at that Obummboy meeting.

  • disqus_bt9O5S2j9R

    Boehner is Obama’s puppet. I hope the majority of Reps vote against Boehne and this foolishness.

    • Goodforall

      He’s been covering him on Benghazi-and now this! Time to drag his sorry backside out-now!

      • Washington22

        That’s what I’m thinking…………wag the dog a bit………………

  • joepotato

    So Osamabama’s errand boy has spoken… It’s time for this weasel to go away …

    • Shorty Stuff

      I’m starting to think they are buttbuddies.

  • Bobby G


    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Why are you using capital letters… is your keyboard broken?

      • Ruby_Con

        Who cares? if you don’t like it don’t read read it.

      • Washington22

        It does annoy me, but sometimes I do it, too. BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE WHO CARES ENOUGH TO WRITE ON THESE SITES……

      • Ruby_Con

        AMEN to that.

      • ladybug

        NO, just want to make my anger LOUD and CLEAR. And it makes me feel better!

      • Washington22

        That’s when I do it, too………..

      • HAOLEBOY55


      • 5live5

        AMEN BROTHER!!!

  • MaranathaMark

    What really irritates me is Russia is sending a delegation to speak to congress to try and convince us not to attack! If the vast majority of American voters can’t convince congress NOT to attack Syria, why does Russia think they can? And if they do convince them not to back Obama, that should cause an outcry across this country to dump all incumbents in Congress and get representatives for We The People, not Comrades of Russia!

    • HAOLEBOY55

      It may be to tell them to their face if we attack their ally they will be helping them with defense

      • MaranathaMark

        It might be, but I don’t think so. I think it is to tell Obama in person what they expect of him, the appearing in congress, is just a smoke screen. Truth be know, a “Limited” or “Precision” strike benefits the Russian tremendously, as it will likely drive oil prices up significantly, which dramatically increases Russian oil profits!

      • HAOLEBOY55

        Good point , follow the money game

    • Washington22

      This is all just a BIG SHOW for O’wa-wa…………….He’s flexing his muscles, trying to look like a leader and also using the cover to do bad things to us…………I don’t trust any of it. O’wa wa has no intention of bombing Syria. He’s gonna let congress stop him and then blame his ineptness on them………I can see it………….

      • MaranathaMark

        I truly hope you are correct. This attack is a monumental mistake and could turn out to be the single biggest mistake of his presidency and bring about the end of this country, via collapsing our economy due to $150+ per barrel oil and a regional war in the Middle East. I don’t care what excuse or who gets credit, as long as the attack never happens!

      • Washington22

        And on that unhappy thought, Mark, maybe that’s how we finally get rid of him……….A huge collapse, the ruination of Washington DC and massive REORGANIZATION, minus the idiot savant…………Is that what it’s gonna take?Maybe some people will finally come to their senses………not that there won’t be a fight.

      • MaranathaMark

        If we lose the country, whether he is president or not, will not matter. If the economy collapses, and the country degrades in utter chaos, there is not ‘reset’ button, that resets the country to its constitutional creation, the mind-set of this country simply isn’t what it was in the Revolutionary war days. The fact is, the over all American people is significantly less moral and less educated than our founding fathers and their countrymen. If the economy collapses, the ensuing civil upheaval will likely result in a splintering of this country into two or more countries. A Russian economist predicted over 10 years ago, it would split into 6 different countries. Don’t know if that is true, but the increasingly irreconcilable differences found in this country today, suggest the Russian may have been on to something. Only time will tell how this actually plays out, but it really doesn’t look good for the home team at this point!

      • Washington22

        Sobering analysis. Hope we are BOTH wrong……………

      • MaranathaMark

        I truly pray that as well!

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    John Boehner is as weak as Barack Obama. Neither one of them can be trusted to know what they’re doing!

  • hbcark

    If Boehner had a brain it would rattle.

    I don’t know whey they haven’t kicked him out as House Speaker. He speaketh with forked tongue.

    • 5live5

      Heck if you set his brain on the edge of a razorblade it would look like a BB on a six lane highway!!!

  • Remington 870

    Boehner’s brain is pickled from too much booze and if Congress gives Obama the green light for war..then there is no Republican Party anymore. Time for those with gonades to get rid of traitor Boehner. What an embarrassment to the piss ant enclave in Ohio who elected this buffoon.

    • HAOLEBOY55


    • Washington22

      They need to RECALL his a$$………….

  • Ruby_Con

    Boehner is a politically opportunistic, insider stock trading, spineless, career politician. (In the words of J.R, Ewing to Cliff Barnes) “Boehner; you are a loser, you always have been, always will be”. Same goes for all of you loser’s in Ohio’s eighth district that keep voting for this sorry excuse of a man with the spine of a jellyfish.

    • Washington22

      email Ohio, today……….

    • 5live5

      Thank you for specifying the 8th district!!

  • monacall

    thank Bachmann for his run now…….she could have voted against him, but didn’t…..wish I knew why/

    • Washington22

      Well she wasn’t solely responsible………….

      • monacall

        Being last one to vote it was her fault

      • Washington22

        mona, thank you for bringing it to my attention. If I knew it, I forgot it.I feel rather stupid. I think of Michelle B as being conservative so I wonder why she did it…..???…….I’m sure the other choices were just as bad if they were all “old guard” politicians………….Blessings to you and yours and thank you again.

  • victoriadelacy

    Both Obama and Benedict Arnold Boehner need to be relieved of their elected office for forcing us into yet another war that we cannot afford nor is Syria a present threat to our homeland. If it were such a humanitarian oriented decision, why didn’t they instead vote to take on Fidel Castro and so liberate the throngs in that nearby island country which have for a half century been risking their lives to float to our shores on rafts to escape the oppression of Communism in their land? The democrats are clearly showing their hypocrisy and there is an agenda involved which must be dealt with, or so it seems. Boehner seems to be more interested in protecting his golf game with Obama than he is in following through on the expressed will of “We the People” by doing such things as pushing to repeal Obamanoncare as well as keeping our sons and daughters out of the civil wars of other nations – get them out of office…swiftly!

  • Goodforall

    He is nothing more than a turn-coat traitor-another useful idiot for the Obama dictatorship! I am sick of the so called GOP leadership abandoning our conservative core principles. Maybe it is time for another party-one who will hold true to us. I have supported the Republican party for years-but it appears that they have left me.

    • Washington22

      I keep vacillating back and forth, too, Goodforall…….I’m way more in favor of “over-taking”. our already established Republican Party, but if we can’t achieve that after this next election, 2014, then I’m ready to move on. We conservatives need a home, not co-existing with a bunch of moderates. Let’s see how much progress we can make this next election. Otherwise, count me in……………

      • Goodforall

        I sadly don’t see anything changing. The Tea Party seems to be more on the same page with me. With Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and the rest, it looks like the Republican party as we once knew it is no more.

      • Washington22

        The Tea Party is for me, too.

    • ladybug

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • greyhound44

    Boehner; Insane Hussein, and all in DC need to be Nuked!

  • Robalou01

    Which side in Syria are we going to bomb Bonehead?? This Obama RINO needs to be removed from the speakership immediately!

    • Ed Shick

      We should just get out and stay out,, Put in the Key stone Pipe Line and sorry we have Boehner as a Buckeye!!

  • Dr. Robert Schwartz

    I have read all the “news” daily. Neither side in the war–it’s not a civil war because too many hands in the fight are al-Neuri associates with their own agenda–admits to the gas explosion. The U.S., the leader of the “free” world, must not unilaterally step into the fray, self-justified, and offer a token slap at the government of Syria.

    It is reported that Syria has used gas on its people 12-14 times under Assad.
    It is reported that insurgents unknowingly handled gas canisters and accidentally dropped some, causing an explosion that killed 12 of the insurgents.
    It is reported that the U.N. inspectors have not yet concluded in this “who dunnit?” sequence.

    One must conclude that it is absolutely NOT in Assad’s interest to gas his own citizens while under a microscope.
    One must conclude that, since the AU, the Arab Union, is unwilling to take a stance en masse, there is much more at stake in this near-global imbroglio than meets the eye.
    One must conclude that the 193 countries of the UN are too pusillanimous to issue a statement expressing their views on this volatile and nebulous issue.
    One must conclude that the token message of missiles to destroy a country’s military installations plays into the hands of the goals of the multi-motivations of the insurgents.
    One must conclude that such a kaleidoscope of motives, plans, religious animosities, political ambitions
    and civilian dread make of Syria, an early cradle of Christianity, with its Pauline sights, its loving citizens who treat Americans so generously, a country whose citizens will suffer enormously, should missiles destroy key centers of human activities.

  • SargintRock

    Folks, this is why all Patriots aptly call their den the District of Criminals! Kick’em all OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    • 5live5

      I call it the district of criminality!!

  • GL

    This Boehner is more dangerous than Kerry and that is really saying something. I hope the House GOP majority has more brains than their leader.

  • futurelife

    I know why he is doing this… it is because “bo” put them in a spot. If we don’t strike, we are cowards, that is the government and if we do strike, then we will start a BIG conflict or war over there with Israel being hit and that is for no reason but to say, now we can destroy Jerusalem and etc. Either way, our government don’t want to be called COWARDS that they are by allowing “bo” to stay in office of this land. Our government since “bo” has been in office is all about greed, power and a take over of this land.

  • Dr. Robert Schwartz

    I have expressed a reasoned view of Syria’s supine situation.

  • ladybug

    YOU bone head are going to get many thousands of people KILLED! WE have no business sending our unprepared military in where WE ARE NOT WANTED! Boy bo must have a lot of dirt on you! This country has voted NO in many polls, and you think its OK? I am very truly ashamed of you and so sorry I supported you. Everyone that dies will be BLOOD on your hands and the A/H in OUR W/H. Wonder what it took for you to CAVE on this STUPID action. They in NO way have bothered the USA. Ahhhh, you just don’t want bo to look SO stupid. Well now the world will see you in the same light,

  • gbandy

    Boehner wants to support the Democracy of Syria. Exactly which one is he talking about? Now Obama has promised “no boots on the ground” yet there is a ship out in the Med with 300 Marines? Why? If we attack Syria who wants to bet Syria will attack Israel and certainly Israel will not run and hide but counterattack. Boehner is not representing the GOP but who knows.

    • Washington22

      If Israel is attacked, there is NO WAY this president will keep his word to them. In fact, I think it is his plan………….

  • SargintRock

    Democrips and Republibloods are just two sides of the same coin, minted by the New World Order!!
    De Oppresso Liber!

    • Washington22


  • darkcyder

    This is sickening. Boehner must go. Could you folks in Ohio please take care of this problem, so that the rest of us don’t have to petition all of the rest of the house members to vote him out?

    • Washington22

      Could they stare a recall?

    • 5live5

      I’m in Ohio and I would LOVE to start one but not being in the 8th district………

  • catb55

    Boehner rolling over on Syria … add that to McCain and Graham .. can’t they at least RENT a backbone? How about getting something in return … DEFUND Obamacare(TAX) .. if you are going to sell us out we should get something!

    • Washington22

      Bonehead, McLame and Gramnasty……………do the 3 or them speak for US???? Are they the final word? Are they the almighty deciders? I think NOT. They all need pink slips TODAY. Start recalls or whatever it takes to send them packing…………….They are damaging America, they suport Obite-me, they are charlatans. There must be some immediate action that we can take.

    • sc

      we are going to get something, it’s called getting “Getting Screwed with out a kiss”

  • jaydee

    If this decision is sooooo important why is congress still out on vacation. We will be hemming and hawing until Sept. 9th when they are all supposed to be back from the golf course. We are so weakened by this administration, “what does it matter” if we are seen as being weaker. So our dear leader is willing to sacrifice “his” military to show he has a set. Our reps have not listened to us in the past, will they listen now. This whole thing is insane.

    • Washington22

      My question is………how much longer do they WDC, think they can hold it together? Seriously….

    • sc

      the reason that congress is still out is to give the imposter barry time to try and brain wash the public again.

  • elton123

    Boehner is wrong and needs to be de-throned from the Speaker position

  • HDA

    Boehner is garbage plain and simple.

  • myfordtruck

    He won,t be speaker long if he keeps this up

    • sc

      your right, Barry will declare himself emperor of the U.S. Then he can just chop off the heads of all those ass kissers because he knows he won’t be able to trust those cowards, if they turn on those who supported them the surly will turn on everyone else

  • Jakebrake

    Bonehead, another traitor to the American people. 80% of the American people say ” Stay out” and these moron want to follow a anti=American Muslim into war to save his Muslim brothers.

    • Washington22

      Washington is gonna keep doing what they want to do until we storm their gates………They don’t realize that there are more of us than them…….

      • patriotforrevo

        Finally, someone is talking sense here. We have our own battle here, Americans against our government.

      • Washington22

        Bama keeps trying to pull the wool over our eyes with distractions………..such as this one. Right now I’m studying for renewal of my real estate licence, 45 hour required every four years……..WHY? Why the heck am I bothering? Will there even be a country, let alone an economy where houses are selling? Why am I beating myself up? Answer…………because through it all, I have faith. I want to be hopeful and prepared for this jerk leaving and my life getting back to normal……..because I have faith in God to hear the prayers of this nation. That doesn’t mean that I don’t falter or lose it now and then. Blessings to you patriot. Keep fighting, I will…………….

    • catb55

      Drudge has a poll and last I looked it was 91% against

  • jong

    If they have to be answered make sure that the rebels get the tomahawks incoming to them. Assad being on the offensive would hardly hinder his troops in moving forward through their own gas.

  • Tony

    Obama has some real dirt on Boehner. I wonder what it is…

    • sc

      they get on their knees for each other.

  • Washington22

    Bonehead’s days are numbered………I’m hoping after the 2014 he gets his pink slip “with prejudice”………….If he won’t step down for the good of the country, he should be strong armed by someone worthy of the job………….Everyone should email him and instead of asking him to help us on different voting issues, forget that, just ask him to quit, get out of the way, tell him he’s fired. I’m not able to think of anything else to do. I know it’s not easy to get him out, so if he’s a decent fellow, maybe he’ll leave if enough of us send him our vote of no confidence. We’re done with him……….just like his golf buddy, Obite-me.

    • 7papa7

      It would great to see someone like Stockman, Gohmert or Gowdy for speaker.

      • Washington22

        all good choices, papa. God Almighty help us……………

      • 7papa7

        They walk the walk not just talk the talk. Their are others but they are the first that came to mind. If we will call on the promises of II Chron 7:14 He will intervene like he promised.

      • Washington22

        7papa7, I like your style……….I love receiving scripture posts. Now, something from me………have you gone to utube and seen Pastor John Hagee speak of “the bloodmoon”? It is amazing. Almost 2 hours long and spellbinding. It was recommended about 10 days ago by another person. I went to it, watched it twice over a few days time. He explains CLEARLY, from scripture, about how Israel will NOT be bombed/destroyed because of God’s promise, and much more about end times promises. I’m going to watch it again one of these days, just for the inspiration. I hope you’ll see it and then report back to me. You won’t be disappointed.

      • 7papa7

        The sound on my computer doesn’t work properly so audio is kind of out for me. I am not worried about Israel from a prophetic standpoint, I think that Israel might be a test for the world on how are you going to treat her. If you look at our history I see that those presidents who were the strongest pro Israel gave us some of the best times domestically and internationally, those who were anti Israel have given us some of the worst times domestically and internationally. A couple of examples Carter is antisemitic and it was terrible here under him. Reagan was very pro Israel and we had the longest time of economic prosperity in our country. Obama is anti Israel and well need I say more.God has His hand on Israel but has put them on the back burner, so to speak, for now. Prophecy shows that he has 7 more years to “deal” with Israel and that will happen after the rapture of the church known as the tribulation. So again I say that I fear not for Israel, only those who refuse to honor and bless her. They are the ones in for a nasty time.

      • Washington22

        Papa, it’s not simply fear for Israel but the much bigger picture. Hagee lays it out so well. He is such a historian and he conflates then with NOW. He’s quite political. A suggestion, if I may…..I bought a pair of speakers for my lap top which had very poor volume and sound. I purchased them at Radio shack for well under $20.00…………what a difference. My desk top sound is fine, but the lap top needed help. It was the best $20.00 I’ve spent in awhile

    • 5live5

      Been there, done that!!! fingers are tired from emailing him with that request!!

  • robocop33

    Bohner needs to be immediately removed as Speaker as he does NOT represent the wishes of 96% of the Republicains in Congress. What does Obama have on him? What has he found on him that he is holding over his head? It’s called Blackmail! Get rid of this slimeball! DO NOT support this attack. You will never get another vote from any Conservative again if you do.

    • 7papa7

      I totally agree, he is a sad excuse for speaker, I guess he should be called pelosi II both totally useless.

  • Lowell

    OK, so they want to bomb Syria. Are they going to bomb the ones who claim they did it, or the ones that say they had nothing to do with it? I know! I know! Let’s bomb the ones who would stop Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood!

  • cae973

    Bohner, McCain, Graham, Rubio and Flake all need to be removed from office as they do not represent the people of this country they were elected to represent!

  • gbandy

    This is the stuff that starts world wars. Now with a President as incompetent as Obama do any of you want to really risk a World War. Cannot anyone see Russia is moving in a carrier group to the Med to “observe US actions”? Have you not heard the promise of retaliation against Israel by both Iran and Syria should we attack? Now Russia is sending diplomats to speak to Congress to convince them not to allow an attack. The writing is on the wall the US does not really know who used the WMD’s what if it was the Al Qaeda backed Rebels? Or if it was Syria why is Obama so concerned when he allowed 4 Americans to die in Benghazi with any retaliation or “justice”. We the People are at a dangerous crossroad now with an inept inexperienced President with no foreign policy and a very divided Congress.

    • ladybug

      BUT, he has the Nobel peace of sh.t prize.

  • CamoCoyote

    Either Boehner has been seriously compromised, or he is an idiot. Either way, he should be removed.

  • Brendajanetorres

    OK, I’m just sure Syria is going to sit still and wait for their spanking, and say “Sorry, we won’t do it again”….LOL

  • marineh2ominer

    John Boehner represents Ohio , as their representative I now conclude that ALL Ohioans are ignorant cowardly azzholes like him or they would not have elected him . Ohio , the state of fools !!!

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Fun fact: Republicans won twelve of Ohio’s sixteen districts in 2012, even as Obama won the state by around 300,000 votes.

      Good luck with your party’s ongoing rebranding attempts!

  • Nano 9

    Outrageous – the turncoats are coming out of the wood work to jump on this stupidity. So disgusted with our “ELECTED OFFICIALS” sick and tired of them having deaf ears when it comes to those that elected them. America has got to get back to where dr’s, nurses, plumbers janitors, mechanics, firefighters run this country, and they do it from where they live not some 5 star accommodation with aides and limos with drivers, this crap infuriates me to no end. These people are on vacations more than at work, they give themselves raises, they have there very on retirement plans – provided by you and me !!!

  • blackhawk132

    Boner has to go. He’s polluted our Congress way to long.If Ohio is so stupid they still want him ; Make him your gov.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Like every state with more than one Representative, “Ohio” doesn’t vote for John Boehner. He’s one of 18 Reps from Ohio, and as a result, most Ohioans don’t have the chance to vote for or against him.

      But, of course, you knew that. Right?

      • blackhawk132

        NOPE. But if that’s true ; What happened to America.Is one of Hitler’s offspring in Ohio ???

      • ProudPatr1ot

        if that’s true

        The fk do you mean “if?” Are you incapable of Googling who represents Ohio in the House?

        What happened to America.

        That’s perhaps the broadest question I’ve heard all day. What happened in Ohio, on the other hand, is a pretty straightforward case of gerrymandering.

        Is one of Hitler’s offspring in Ohio ???

        No. Jesus, no, and please stop comparing Hitler to things that aren’t at all like Hitler.

  • Old1946vet

    Looks like a RINO is saying this.

  • Clockguy2

    Clean out the incumbent politicians. they are too tied up with political favors to be true to the American People.

  • jhforsythe

    HOW STUPID? Remember: The purpose of the Syrian incursion is to put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge. We tried it in Egypt, and look what happened. Our government has succeeded in destabilizing the Middle East, and making the world a much more dangerous place.

  • Nano 9

    When it is said “Top ranking Lawmakers” no sir, you are elected by the people, for the people, there should not be Top or Freshman, you got elected to do a job, there should not be rank and file.
    Our leaders screwed up Egypt, is Syria next.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      there should not be Top or Freshman

      How the fk do you think seniority works in Congress? This stuff is covered in middle school civics for God’s sake…

      • ladybug

        Why don’t you change your name? You will NEVER be a Proud Patriot.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        And you’ll never be a ladybug. What’s your point?

      • Nano 9

        Where ever you attended middle school they should have washed your mouth out more than once, tell you what if you want to carry a conversation with me worth reading about clean up the filth coming out of it first. And no it is not for God’s sake, it is for the sake of this Country “ProudPatr1ot”

        So let me see, in a civics class in middle school we are taught rank and file, are we also taught to give self appointed raises ? ( i guess you where of the lucky ones who got to vote on that law) are we taught to be off from work more days than actually at work (3 MONTHS on average paid leave) ? are we taught taxation without representation ? (go to the state you are from website, look up taxes and pick the ones you as a citizen got to vote for) are we taught that no matter how the people vote it is up to ONE judge to decide what is right for the majority ? are we taught the pledge of allegiance ? (who voted that out – you) who voted to remove the ten commandments from out local court houses (who voted that out – you ?) are teachers allowed a bible on there desk at a public school (who voted that out – you ?) are you the one that spoke up and said hey kid you gotta take off that Christian shirt before entering into the public school, or hey cheerleaders you can’t be putting up scriptures on banners for the team to run through ? Guess i missed that part in civics where we the people get to vote for issues dealing with our everyday freedoms and the majority rules. Guess you are the one speaking out against Prop.8 and how un patriotic it was for the American Citizens to vote for the law.
        And also there is no LAW of Rank in File, it is not now and never has been. So go find you civics middle school teacher and ask that teacher to show you that particular law you were taught ProudPatr1ot .
        Just gotta ask, i guess you got to vote on what a “rank and file” congress persons salary is, for example, In 2008, rank and file members of Congress earned $169,300 annually. And had 3 MONTHS WORTH OF PAID TIME OFF Compared with a median American income of $45,113 for men and $35,102 for women with at most 21
        days of paid vacation time by PAID BY HIS/HER EMPLOYER and not from other peoples taxes !!! (was that you who voted for their salary and there paid time off ?)

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Where ever you attended middle school they should have washed your mouth out more than once

        Oh my stars and garters, has my salty and uncouth language given you a case of the vapors?

        And no it is not for God’s sake, it is for the sake of this Country “ProudPatr1ot”

        It’s a turn of phrase. If you’re going to criticize me for syntax or diction, I’d appreciate it if you’d keep the run-on sentences to a minimum.

        So let me see, in a civics class in middle school we are taught rank and
        file, are we also taught to give self appointed raises ?

        What are you talking about? What does “we are taught rank and file” even mean? Congress doesn’t give itself “self appointed [sic]” raises precisely because it did once upon a time: Congressional pay raises, like the pay raises of all public employees, are set by statute and increase automatically over time. It’s designed that way so that they can’t vote themselves a pay raise whenever they feel like it. Obama held Congress and its staff without a raise for three full years in the worst part of the Great Recession, and members have seen the real value of their take-home pay decline steadily for the last twenty years. Those are verifiable, publicly available facts, but you’re welcome to try to dispute them if you’d like.

        are we taught to be off from work more days than actually at work (3 MONTHS on average paid leave) ?

        That “paid leave” is intended to allow members to spend time back in their districts, rather than spend all twelve months in Washington. Do you think members of Congress will be more in-tune with their districts if you require them to be in D.C. on every workday?

        are we taught taxation without representation ?

        You have representation. You got to vote for your Representative, your President, and a whole host of other officials less than a year ago.

        (go to the state you are from website, look up taxes and pick the ones you as a citizen got to vote for)

        That’s not how a republic works. If you want to cast votes on actual pieces of legislation, you can sack up and run for office like the rest of us.

        are we taught that no matter how the people vote it is up to ONE judge to decide what is right for the majority ?

        Yeah, frankly, you are. That’s how judicial review works, and in lower courts, one judge really can be the difference. At the Supreme Court, of course, there are nine Justices, so saying that it really comes down to one judge presumes that the other four are congenitally incapable of ever changing their minds about anything. It’s a facile argument borne of a movement that’s still upset with John Roberts for not overturning Congress’s Constitutional power to lay and collect taxes. There are no death panels coming, you can feel free to get over it any time now.

        are we taught the pledge of allegiance ?

        I was.

        who voted to remove the ten commandments from out local court houses

        The restriction on the establishment of a state-endorsed religion isn’t up for a vote in this country and never has been.

        are teachers allowed a bible on there desk at a public school

        If the class is studying the Bible, yes, they are. If the class is studying, say, chemistry, then I don’t see why the teacher needs the Bible in the first place. If a teacher is reading Fifty Shades of Gray at home, should that teacher be allowed to display the text on his or her desk? If the teacher’s reading the Bible at home, why should the Bible be treated any differently than any other heavily edited work of fiction?

        are you the one that spoke up and said hey kid you gotta take off that Christian shirt before entering into the public school

        Poor put-upon Christian! Let’s pretend that LGBT-supporting shirts weren’t banned in Celina High School in that godless paradise known as California last November. Let’s pretend that public schools don’t enjoy broad discretion in limiting what students can wear. Instead, let’s pretend that the dominant faith group in this country is actually under constant attack, and not actively endorsed in the 7th inning of every game played at Yankee Stadium…

        hey cheerleaders you can’t be putting up scriptures on banners for the team to run through ?

        Would you support your local high school team running through a sura or two? How about a passage from the Bhagavad Gita, or the Kabbalah? No? They why are you okay with a publicly funded institution endorsing one religion over another?

        Guess i missed that part in civics where we the people get to vote for
        issues dealing with our everyday freedoms and the majority rules.

        I guess you did, because the Bill of Rights guarantees that some rights aren’t subject to change by a majority vote.

        Guess you are the one speaking out against Prop.8 and how un patriotic it was for the American Citizens to vote for the law.

        I opposed Prop. 8 because it was a clear and blatant violation of the equal protection provisions of the 14th Amendment.

        And also there is no LAW of Rank in File, it is not now and never has been.

        Another fun 8th-grade

      • Nano 9

        simple do away with political parties

      • ProudPatr1ot

        That’s the dumbest statement I’ve read all year: how, exactly, do you plan to “do away with political parties” without infringing on the Constitutionally protected right of free association upheld in 1958’s NAACP v. Alabama? What do you think political parties are if not aggregators of ideological and economic interests?

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Something really stinks in Washington DC. I don’t trust John Boehner at all. At first I thought he would be a good Speaker, I definitely have my doubts now. First of all what kind of strike is Obama going to do? Is in going to be substantial as to make Assad think twice about the use of Chemical weapons again or, is it going to be a pin prick to make Obama look better in the eyes of the World?

    I no longer trust any People in Congress. They talk out of both sides of there mouths. The real problem in this Country is the President. He is not competent to lead this nation and no one is doing anything about it. It is time for America to wake up to what is going on and demand more from our elected Officials.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      At first I thought he would be a good Speaker, I definitely have my doubts now.

      Why, exactly, did you think the man who did away with earmarks would be an effective Speaker?

      I no longer trust any People in Congress.

      The junior Senator from Kentucky is wondering what he’s done to upset you…

      • PatCindyCunningham

        One thing doesn’t build a House. Rand Paul? Give him time.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Was I being less-than-clear? Rand Paul was on Meet the Press two days ago arguing against intervention. Did you miss that?

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Did Rand Paul also speak of his desire to legalize drugs in America? Sorry, I can’t trust a Libertarian. If you are looking for the perfect Person you won’t find them in Politics but, you will find him in the Bible.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Great! I don’t like Rand Paul either! Besties?

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Great! Now we are getting somewhere. A Politician is only as good as the people who back them. It is incumbent on the Citizenry to get more involved. When a Politician doesn’t do what the people want, warn them. The next time, vote them out.

        The Republican party has become stagnate and lazy. The Politician doesn’t feel the need to represent the people anymore because the people aren’t paying attention. Somehow, someway, we need to wake the people up.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Have you ever run for office?

      • PatCindyCunningham

        No, should have. it took almost 50 of my 63 years to grow a brain. My Son and 9/11 woke me up. Every parent who has Kids should be involved.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Do it! What are you waiting for? You don’t have to run for Senate—start at the local level. There has to be some local office you could run for. Where do you live?

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Trust me, I would be eaten alive. Seems my youth was spent drinking and fighting and carousing. For that miserable existence my health is terrible right now. I am taking 20 prescription pills and the last year or so I have gone down hill. The reason I care so much is because I have a wonderful Son. He is a Minister in a Church with a congregation of near 5,000. He has two wonderful Children and it scares me to death what they will have to look forward to. My Son is an Optimist and well he should. Soon, watching His Children grow up he will see what is going on. I have all the confidence in the World He will make a difference. So, I do as John The Baptist does sort of. I pave the way so the next Generation doesn’t do what my Generation has done. You seem like a great Patriot. I sincerely hope you run for Office. You will make a big difference, and I feel in my Heart, you will make big strides.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Trust me, I would be eaten alive. Seems my youth was spent drinking and fighting and carousing.

        That’s a terrible excuse: our last three Presidents have admitted or all-but-admitted to illicit drug use, and George W. Bush is a recovering alcoholic. If you care as much as you say you do, get out and do something about it.

        I have all the confidence in the World He will make a difference.

        Are you encouraging him to run for office if you won’t do it yourself? You’re complaining that the people who run for office aren’t up to your standards, so what are you doing to change that?

        I pave the way so the next Generation doesn’t do what my Generation has done.

        Commenting on the internet and refusing to run for office isn’t paving the way for anything. Start at PAC, run for school committee, join a lobbying group—if you’re going to complain, you have to do something.

        You seem like a great Patriot.

        I’m willing to guess that if you started asking me my positions on different issues, you wouldn’t like what I have to say.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        “I’m willing to guess that if you started asking me my positions on different issues, you wouldn’t like what I have to say.”

        Already there! You didn’t listen. I am on Disability. That makes it impossible for me to run for anything. Being an American Citizens gives me the right, and although I have limited mobility, I can still take care of myself and will if I have to.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        People with disabilities can run for the same offices as the rest of us—Tammy Duckworth lost both her legs in Iraq and got elected to the House last fall.

      • richardwfaith

        I’d vote for Jesus in a heartbeat if he were running for office, but unfortunately he isn’t. You need to get practical. Our choices at the polling places are limited. Also, you need to understand the MECHANICS of legalizing drugs: the INTRINSIC VALUE of most drugs is extremely small; they’re very cheap to manufacture. What jacks up their STREET VALUE is the RISK FACTOR associated with selling them ILLEGALLY. The STREET VALUE, in turn, is what makes them PROFITABLE. If they’re LEGAL, the STREET VALUE diminishes greatly, the PROFIT goes away, and the trafficking STOPS. Counterintuitive, maybe; PRACTICAL, ABSOLUTELY.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        I don’t need to do anything but, what I feel is right and wrong. Then, if I feel like it I express that feeling. Unfortunately I take a lot of prescription drugs. You would be surprised about how all drugs do damage. Even the ones that keep you alive eventually destroy something else.

      • richardwfaith

        There is no doubt in my mind that God honors good intentions, whether or not they are associated with any beneficial results or outcomes. On the other hand, outcomes are important to the causes of both God and mortal people.
        In other matters, what you say about pharmacological drugs is sadly correct. For some individuals, optimum nutrition and homeopathic medicines can improve health, reduce dependencies, and save money. To your health!

  • jime1

    Boehner is apparently just another Washington idiot who has been there so long, because his diseased brain no longer functions anywhere close to normal. Perhaps the Capital needs a good fumigation to get rid of the parasitic infestation that inhabits the place. The way I see it, between the administration, the congress, the entire federal court system, the lobbies, the special interests, and the unions the American People no longer have any say.
    Our vote does little but replace one low down and dirty rotten scoundrel with another. Character, honor, integrity, along with cold-hard TRUTH are all DEAD in DC, and in most of the country. We the People don’t matter any longer. Our republic has become a mere illusion. What is required to get it back, few are willing to even consider. Western civilization itself is on it’s way to extinction unless something changes, and very, very soon. None of us has a great-grandfather who would even recognize this place any longer. Our grandchildren and their children will hold us all in utter contempt for throwing away what they will only be able to read about, and then rightfully curse us all for sitting on our hands and letting it happen.

  • Jillian

    Boehner will back Obama on anything, probably the removal of all rights and dissolving the Constitution before Obama is through destroying our country. I’d love to see Boehner’s, Obama’s, Reid’s, and Pelosi’s “boots on the ground” in Syria. They want war, let them fight and bring the rest of the troops home.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Boehner will back Obama on anything

      Good call, remember when Boehner helped Obama pass the PPACA? Yeah, me too.

  • organicroseski2

    The world is not possitive who released the gas. Different stories are out there. The majority of Americans are against this. The majority of the world is against this. We then will be in partnership with the groups that caused 9-11-01? Golly, we better elect smarter people and aslo make sure NSA can not blackmail our elected. Boehner please use you brain and logic. There is no good outcome. Situation could be worst if America reacts and helps Al-Qaeda rebels.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      The world is not possitive [sic] who released the gas.

      Yeah, we really are. The French released satellite photos showing the rockets taking off from an area controlled by a loyalist military unit.

      aslo make sure NSA can not blackmail our elected

      What the actual fk are you talking about?

      • organicroseski2

        I did say there are different stories out there–did not hear the French satellite one yet. The NSA comment was that there are opportunities. Remember, NSA employees were tracking their “love ones.” that they did not trust. Individual security is down the drain nowdays–my opinion. ProundPatr1ot, you can not disagree with my last statement.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        You’re right, I can’t “disagree” with your opinion, but I can certainly call it groundless and slightly paranoid.

      • organicroseski2

        Not paranoid but in real modern life. You heard Brazil and Mexico are not happy with the U.S., and are checking, “if the facts of the report are confirmed, they would be considered very serious and would constitute a clear violation of Brazil’s sovereignty.” Brazilian Justice Minister Eduardo Cardozo told newspaper O Globo. (writer Kaitlin Funaro 9/2/13, Global Post) Not groundless and it is growing. Therefore, it could be possible political members could be intimidated.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Spy agencies try to track the communications of national leaders all the time—there’s nothing unusual about an intelligence service trying to listen in on a national leader’s conversation. Dilma Roussef isn’t an American citizen, and while Brazil has every right to be pissed, it’s not as though they can claim that right guaranteed by the American Constitution were violated.

        When you have any evidence at all that American “political members” have been “intimidated,” let me know. In the meantime, I’ll go fetch some more straw for you to clutch at.

      • organicroseski2

        Actually I am going to rake up some hay/straw for my animals. Bye Lib.

  • Jim Crowe

    Fire Boehner

  • HarrietMcConnell

    All Obama cares about is getting any US strike because assuredly Israel will be then attacked. His aim is like the rest of the Middle East, annihilate Israel. That our Congress would go against the American people’s wishes and help foster Muslim plans is reprehensible. I hope there will be another election to vote them all out, if Obama is allowed to start this war he will be in power forever and have his wish of Dictator finally fulfilled. That is, if the world survives this next war.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Jesus H., chill the fk out. We’re not going to declare war.

  • camdenme2

    Boehner needs to be replaced !

    • Cougar Smith

      … so does my SC senator Lindsey Graham and Arizona’s McCain. Both rinos.

      • camdenme2

        You got that right !!!

      • Amfer Ferg

        …add Mike Rogers (R) Michigan to that list!

      • Cougar Smith

        C’mon folks, don’t stop now, keep adding to the list.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Dance, ya bastids, dance!

  • BlueViolets

    A few questions for the Speaker of the House. Does oblabla have something on you? And if so I’d love to know what. Or are you now richer? Or what bigger more powerful job have you been offered? Maybe a Czar-ship so you can make your own laws without the pesky Congress getting in your way? Whatever it was I wish for you to never have more than an hour of sleep a night. And that filled with nightmares.

    • patriotforrevo

      Yea, he’s been offered martinis EVERYDAY ALL DAY!!!!!! It’s all he’s known for, the TOWN DRUNK!!!!

      • BlueViolets

        I didn’t know that. Although, come to think of it, he does have that sort of blurry edge to him.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Are these honestly the only reasons you can think of? I know four-year-olds with better imaginations.

      • Pendy1

        Reasons for what? And is a schoolyard taunt the best you’ve got, Pee-Wee? Sounds like your inner circle does consist mostly of four year olds.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Reasons for Boehner saying what he did. I don’t know how that was less-than-clear.

      • BlueViolets

        Actually, no, but I don’t really have all day to sit here and type them all out for you. Perhaps you should consult with your other 4 year old friends and come back to list them yourselves.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        So, to be clear, you can think of more rational explanations, you just don’t want to type them out? Is that right?

  • sc

    well what a surprise, the coward has caved in to barry soetoro again along with graham and good old cave-in-McCain,and lets not forget shoot-yourself-and get a metal Kerry, of course they are willing to ignore that it was the muzslum brotherhood and al qaeda [both are terrorist groups] they had the poison gas and they were to stupid to handle it so it exploited in their faces and killed all those people. besides that the U.S.A. doesn’t need to get involved in a civil war, all of waring faction are muslums so let them kill themselves off and God can sort them out.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      of course they are willing to ignore that it was the muzslum brotherhood
      and al qaeda [both are terrorist groups] they had the poison gas and
      they were to stupid to handle it so it exploited in their faces and
      killed all those people

      You’re aware that the French had a satellite over Damascus at the time, that they’ve got the rockets in photographs, and that all of this has been made public, correct?

      Haw haw, of course you aren’t.

      • Amfer Ferg

        Well, if the media outlets told the news (not news that has been ‘allowed’ to release) more people would know about it. FYI, more people would like you if you lost that attitude…a kinder and more informative post would really be appreciated.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Where do you think I got this piece of information? Do you think I’m an intelligence officer, and I’m just blabbing secret information in a public forum? This is news, and it’s been published in the media. Don’t blame “the media” for your inability to stay on top of the news.

        The tone of this website’s comment section is decidedly neither kind nor informative. If you’re going to criticize my tone, I’d appreciate it if you did the same for others.

  • sooner4ever

    So now we support al qaeda. Who would have thought that in 12 short years we would go from fighting them to supporting them. These people that we’re getting ready to support just provided a video of one of their commanders cutting out the heart of his enemy and taking a bite of it. Islam is evil, and they need to fight it out themselves. The president is wrong and everyone who supports him is wrong on this as well.

    • ProudPatr1ot

      Who would have thought that in 12 short years we would go from fighting them to supporting them.

      Good idea, let’s pretend that Afghanistan sprang into existence in 2001…

      • Amfer Ferg

        That’s because Oliver North was the first to vehemently speak out and ‘introduce’ us to Osama Bin Laden. Before this, no one really knew who, what, where this evil lurked; and still we denied it, ignored it, or pooh-poohed it.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Yes, that bold whistleblower Oliver North. Because no one in American, Pakistani, or Saudi intelligence had ever heard of Osama bin Laden before the late ’80s. No one had ever heard of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or the Taliban either. As everyone knows, Pakistan, the United States, and Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the Soviet war in Afghanistan…

  • Harold

    Boehner gives the word idiot a whole new meaning. As long as it is some else’s children the pols. are for it. Lets make sure that any congressman who votes for this, that THEIR young people are some of the first to be placed in harms way!

  • sudsy

    Time for impeachment of the administration and Boehner! He is nothing but a Obama Puppet.

  • USMC 64-68

    Boehner’s boner! Now we’re seeing very clearly – Boehner and Barry = BFF 4-ever.

  • Edward Cutter

    This coming from the same jerk who will not defund Obamacare. Tar and feather this turd and run him out of Washington on a rail.

  • Nana

    Oh yeah, and to top it all, give the rebels time to move their weapons around in the midst of civilians! After all, if the situation was so urgent, how can we afford to wait?

    • ladybug

      They probably have all the plans on were and when………………. But he’ll be in his new bunker safe and sound. Great Leader NOT AS much as I can’t stand carney, would love to hear all his stuttering, and double speak.

  • Buck Sunset

    John, that is about the dumbest move you have made. The right people are killing one another, Sunnis vs Shiites. Been going on for 2000 years.

    • CCblogging

      You are right about the killing but it’s actually been going on for 1000 years. Islam is only 1600 years old. That hateful child molester named Muhammad wrote his war manuel called the quran to counter the Jew’s Torah ( Also The Christian’s First Testament Of The Bible) and also to spit in God Almighty’s face.

      • Irishmist1000

        You must be kidding. The ancestors of the evil muslims the moors, the syrians, the Egyptians and all others in the arab world have been killing themselves and all other non arabs. Have you not read and understood the history of the Jews? If it wasn’t for the Jews there would be no Christians on the face of this planet. Let the arabs kill themselves off.

      • CCblogging

        I thought we were talking about timelines and the advent of Islam. The Jews and Arabs have hated each other since Ishamael & Isaac. What are you talking about?

  • Pendy1

    I’m with Rand Paul re John Boehner; Republicans need new, REPUBLICAN, leadership.

  • Robert James

    Boehner must go

    • alio

      The darn fool is playing in the wrong sand box. This one is used by the neighborhood cats.

      • Robert James

        I wish the cats would cover him up

  • Dingbat36

    Yep, Boehner actually IS as stupid as I thought he was. Who cares about Syria………..just another Arab country where the people hate us. Why waste any missiles, time or sympathy on a bunch of towel heads? Sarah Palin was right when she said “Let Allah sort it out.”.

  • rockyvnvmc

    Unseat this bought & paid for Speaker !

  • Take 2

    Obama wants critics (Congress) to place their heads on the cold metal
    to place Muslim Brotherhood in yet another anti-America / anti- Israeli

    Counties head power source.

    Meet with enemy leaders; it’s a disgrace that we have not. (Jul 2007)
    Never negotiate out of fear, and never fear to negotiate. (Jan 2008)
    My critics engineered our biggest foreign policy disaster. (Aug 2007)
    Important to undo the damage of the last seven years. (Feb 2008)
    No “strategic ambiguity” on foreign policy issues. (Aug 2007)
    The UN has succeeded in avoiding a Third World War. (Dec 2009)
    President must abide by international human rights treaties. (Dec 2007)
    American Apology Tour: disliking USA understandable. (Mar 2010)

    • ladybug

      OH, but he rec’d the peace prize! FOR WHAT? NOTHING he has done is right or good for WE the PEOPLE.

  • PAWatcher

    Oh, what a few rounds of golf with obama will accomplish………boehner willing to sell his soul and send Our troops/money/supplies/integrity/bravery to fight on the side of al qaeda. boehner, mccain, graham and obama are traitors IMHO.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      You left out Fatso Christie. It only took him one helicopter ride.

  • ste1021

    Boehner and Cantor must be replaced. Get rid of them before they also pass the amnesty bill (which they will if left unchecked).

  • patriotrenegade

    Bury his office with calls and emails, crash his communications. It worked for crap and tax.

  • pysco

    Boehner has sold out, every American serviceman and women. He, nor Obama Ess’s are put in harms way. I consider him a traitor, Obama and Boehner will be aiding organizations like Al Qaida, there should not be another drop of American blood spilled for these counties, that would kill every Christian if they could. Obama and his representatives had been wrong every step of the way they’ve handled the middle east….Just look at his record.

  • gparra9

    So Obama’s Boy Boehner is acting like hes grown a pair……………CHUMP!!!!!!!!!! Way to go ohio reelect him again & then check to see if hes also comes up with some BACKBBONE!!!!

  • singer23

    Welcome to the real, “Washington,” double speak world!
    We now have a new political party the, “Republacrats!” They
    have finally duped America completely, they no longer represent the people,
    they represent, themselves and their sponsors, whichever, lobbyist owns them!
    We need to get a whole new congress, this bunch is corrupt! They should
    have a, “Best Performance Award,” just like they have in Show

    • Tuci78

      Oh, they’re hardly “new.”

      They’re the Boot-On-Your-Neck Party, with the illusion of choice.

      We’ve known that for decades.

  • Irma

    What is he thinking!!!??? Force the United Nations to take care of this mess.

  • hollygreen9

    I am beginning to believe that boehner is nothing but a democrat whore.

    • CCblogging

      I agree Holly

    • Truth goes 100 MPH


  • alio

    I’ve tried really hard to be on Boehner’s side since he became Speaker. OK, today is the day
    I change my mind. He’s too quick to follow suit against the will of the American people. The majority of us DO NOT WANT to take action against Syria with what little we know. Someone used the chemicals but who???? We can’t jump in until we know whom we are supporting. In other words, who done it?

    • CCblogging

      Alio, Obama is supporting the Islamofascist’s that want all of us dead. Oh yea, he’s doing it with our money.

  • sovereigntyofone

    ” Boehner backs Obama call for military strike on Syria ”
    Does this shock anyone, after all Boehner is Mr. ” Let’s make a deal “. OR to call it under a different title Mr. ” Sell out “. Makes you sick that our so called ” representatives ” have folded yet once again.
    Thank God these idiots were not around when we were breaking away from England in the Revolutionary War, we’d still be a British colony.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Should’ve read, “boner packs obumblers fudge in support of strike on syria” that would be closer to the truth!

  • fliteking

    “Boehner backs Obama call for military strike on Syria”

    Sellout and traitor. The GOP is worthless.

    Stay Conservative and Pray for America.

  • Robert James

    Rome is burning and what does “dear leader” do after his meeting on the seriousness of the situation in Syria? He does what any leader would do right? He goes and plays golf. What a total embarrassment.

    • Washington22

      He is his own worst enemy but he’s on such a high horse, he doesn’t even realize it. Can’t wait till he takes that fall. 150 million of us will be smiling…………………ear to ear

  • Doc

    It’s a wonder Boehner could speak while on his knees and with his mouth full.

  • edgineer

    Leaky John and Mitch the witch have to go. They are so invested in the establishment they are worthless.

  • Suescritters

    At an additional cost of over 3 trillion to US taxpayers. Where is that money coming from? As long as we only fire missiles at them no boots on the ground. Maybe.

  • klesb

    I am really getting curious! Why don’t our representatives just ignore Boehner and do the correct thing for once? Aren’t they as curious as I am to find out what Obama is blackmailing him with?

  • TJB

    I think chemical weapons are brutal and inhumane; I think 50 caliber machine gun bullets are just as brutal and inhumane. Why are we so concerned about one form of killing? War is ugly, especially Civil War; look at the history of our own. And what good will come of our intervention? Look at the “Arab Spring” … it’s looking more and more like Winter every day. Do we really need to repeat this?

  • tom

    Boehner needs to go as speaker of the House. He is Obama’s lap dog.

    • Proud texan


      • Ole SC

        DUH DUH, no we didn’t!!!! We got stuck with him just like we got stuck with AH Obama

      • ladybug

        GREAT REPLY!

      • Amfer Ferg

        Ignore this troll – he’s everywhere he shouldn’t be.

      • ladybug

        And you are on the HATE LIST TOO.

      • tom

        So why do you turn to insults without a single intelligent thing to say, Proud Texassan. See, two can play at that game.

  • Val

    BOEHNER, is a huge disappointment to the Citizens of this Nation. He should be ASHAMED.!

  • TJB

    And isn’t it interesting that NO ONE else in the Western world seems interested in supporting us in this? What do they know that we don’t?

  • wdcraftr

    The Rebels may have set off the chem weapons just to get OB to bomb the Govt. and win the fight for them.. OB may have even thought it up himself… Boehner is such a Coward and brainless Idiot. There is NO threat to America there. Only Islam against Islam..

    • ladybug

      This has been the goal of both A/H all along. When have such stupid people been able to say with straight faces what they plan to do, knowing all along that this is not the will of WE the PEOPLE. THEY work for us, we have said NO! Please note all you bo lovers this is just to save face for him. bone head is done. NEVER in all my years have I seen or heard such garbage. When our brave folks are killed because of something you have decided, you have started this and all our blood will be on you hands. OUR troops have NOTHING to fight with! And you have even reduced their pay. Plus you have given them OUR planes, tanks ammo and BILLIONS of OUR DOLLARS and told them what you have planned! Have you also told them when? Oh so they can be sure to have women, children, elderly, sick, folks you have deemed useless under the areas to be aimed at! I honestly have never hated you guys more! Sorry folks to hate is bad, I was brought better.

    • John Cherish

      It comes out that Britain even sold to Syria the chemicals to make the gas used. Seems like we are financing both sides of the war for the Saudi’s they get rid of the Shiite Muslims in power in Syria by having the US do it for them (England provides a convenient excuse for the US) and by having us side with the rebels (Al-Qaeda) Obama tries to make us look good to them. Obama is like Russian president Putin said “A monkey with a hand grenade” I would go even further and say a monkey has more brains and not pull the pin. In Obama’s case he would

  • forrealcommonsense

    I feel sorry for America and for all of us. With sin in the camp (abortions, perversions, fornications, deviloution, etc) there are people who falsely think we have the moral high ground in going to Syria, huh? Imagine a big cauldron calling a wee little kettle black.

    P.S. Going into Syria will not be the same as going into Iraq, Syria has Iran, Russia and China’s backing unless this supposed to be a Sunni – Shite conflict and O wants to use our men and women (and dollars) to settle the score….

    • mallen11

      You are right…
      Daniel 2:20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and power are his: It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding. (Those who know Bible Doctrine)

  • mardo123

    Mr Speaker Boehner you have driven the final nail into your Cofin. Your are a spineless jellyfish Rino. You are more interested in having Obummer LIKE YOU than you care about this Nation. It more than past time for you to be replaced by an AMERICAN. You are out. Go play golf with your kiss a%% buddy.

    • LAPhil

      Couldn’t have put it any better.

    • Slick401

      DITTO Couldn’t have put it any better

  • TPS12

    These people just don’t listen to the citizens their supposed to represent. Time for them to go.

    • Jean

      Yes, its Washington DC that is in rebellion against WE, their employers. Fire now, not next year.

  • Macjammm

    This is proof that there is a Government NARRATIVE (LEFT & RIGHT) and they do not care how many Americans or any body else for that matter KNOW THAT IT IS COMPETE BS!! they will just move forward as though they are doing the peoples WILL

  • Ole SC

    Boehner just nailed another nail in his Political Coffin!!! Can’t wait until 2014 election, this AH won’t be Speaker any longer!!!

  • Randy

    Just a game of kissy,kissy is all it is and it is out right bull crap.That’s get back to the problems here and get this country back on it’s feet.We got scandals every where you turn in this Obama rundown government and they think they can fix a another country,ya right .

  • englishrancher

    Enough of this Panzi!!! Are you two butt biddies now?

  • turrettrk

    boner needs to stay out of things he knows nothing about.

    • Tuci78

      boner needs to stay out of things he knows nothing about.

      That’d keep him in the crapper – where we can presume he’ll find at least one thing he does know something about – for the rest of his life.

  • ForrestHorn

    Boehner, you AND the senile McCain are HISTORY!

  • CaptTurbo

    Mr. Bonehead, go fook yourself.

  • raynbene

    Time to fire bonehead, and I pray the voters of AZ and SC have awakened ! ! It seems to me that it is not impossible, and likely probable that these ‘rebels’ that mccain loves sooo much used the gas in a shot to frame Assad . .I mean, what would he gain by gassing his people ?? He was beating the rebels, and obuma wants him gone because he’s the wrong kind of muslim, supported by Iran, also the wrong kind of muslims, so the best strategy is to hold off until the intel picture is cleared up, but obuma does not want the truth to come out, as always ! ! Truth is an alien concept to obuma and all the people who voted for him ! !!

  • Tuci78

    If nothing else were known, Boehner’s backing for our Muslim-Brother-in-Chief to undertake this pointless and useless waste of U.S. resources ought to convince anybody that it should be opposed, foreclosed, and investigated for criminal violation of the laws of these United States.

    Boehner. Mighod. As if that feculent collaborator were deserving of anything but tar and feathers and a ride out of the country on a fencerail.

  • mallen11

    Boehner is too afraid to go against -0 and there is no way we can ever trust him again. We need to get him to step down. Of course that won’t work either. I wonder if -0 has something on him or is he just a weak chicken?

    • Tuci78

      Boehner is too afraid to go against -0 and there is no way we can ever trust him again.

      Whaddaya mean “again”? Have you ever trusted him at all?

      Hm. I wonder what the NSA phone and Internet taps harvested on Boehner in the way of blackmail material….

      • Pablo Descartes

        Actually You have a very good theory.

      • Macjammm

        Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) praised President Barack Obama for putting together a campaign database that “will have information about everything on every individual.” in ways that it’s never been done before,”

        Reminds me of a Star Trek episode where in an alternate Universe the Evil Kirk had a machine that could look into anyone’s private life and know all there secrets, He used it for black mail and power and some times even to kill.

    • mudguy

      To bad he isn’t afraid of his constituents and the American people!!!!

    • richardwfaith

      The SOB is a PLANT.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Way to sell out Boehner!!!

  • USArmyAirborne

    Spineless rat! Your political career is finished….

  • Douglas Newsted

    Fire them all, Boehner is a spineless coward and John McCain should be put in a nursing home, he’s losing his mind. This country is F@#K’d thanks to all you morons that voted him in and McCain would have done exactly the same as Obumer. Where have all the REAL MEN gone?

    • mudguy

      No McLame has lost mind but he can’t loose what he never had.

  • Willie Dowg

    If our elected representatives truly represent those in their districts, who cares what Boehner thinks and wants? The representatives should poll their districts and get their answers. Wake up, AmeriKa, we are continuously being duped. AP and Reuters had reports over the weekend showing us that the rebels mishandled the chemical-weapons and killed their own people. Why does our mainstream media of Obama’s propaganda-machine not report the truth? Why do we keep falling prey to the administration and its lies? Wake up, AmeriKa!

    • Amfer Ferg

      Glad you brought that up. There is one representative that will fight for us without any intimidation. Justin Amash (R) Michigan. Justin Amash has a lot of military contacting him to stand up and say NO to Syria. He will do it! Contact him (google email – can’t post it without it being flagged) and let him know we need him to speak out loudly and firmly for us.

  • dicksi

    Of course Bohener jumps onboard and supports Obama’s stance on Syria….along with McCain, Graham and Cantor. Obama paints himself into a corner with red lines and the RINO’s jump in to bail him out. Why in the world won’t the Republicans act to distinguish themselves? Why won’t anyone look to the U.S. constitution for guidance…why is anything happening in Syria an imminent threat to the U.S.

    I predict that the Republicans will lose the House of Representatives in the 2014 mid-terms and become a permanent minority and a mere debating society after 2016. The Republicans have done nothing to distinguish the Republican platform against the worst president in U.S. history and his anti-American policies.

  • grumpybill

    Bonehead boehner needs to GO!!!

  • Jonny Angel

    HELP, I’m being gassed by the Administration and Congress and I can’t get up…..

  • Patriot Games

    I feel like I am in the f-ing twilight zone….

  • Patriot41

    Should one expect anything different from John Boehner? The House needs to replace him as speaker at the earliest possible time, if not sooner.

  • Pablo Descartes

    Cry Baby boehner is the #1 reason i am done contributing to the republican party, and have decided to vote 3rd party in the future. If i lived in Cry Baby boehners state I’d give him something to cry aboutin the next election.

  • Incredulous1

    Now we know where that tan comes from … too much time with his nose up B.Hussein’s backside.

  • robert1407

    Boehner should be thrown out of Office, along with the Criminal Reid. I have called my representative to vote a No, but it will be ignored as usual. But I do not have enough money to grease his palms. Face it Citizens we are being sold down the river by these corrupt Senators and Representatives who would sell their own into slavery if it will get their palms greased with the 30 pieces of blood stained Silver.

  • subee7

    Boehner needs to be a Democrat…he thinks like on, looks like one and smells like one.

    They have found out it was the rebels that used the gad and it was a rebel that cut the heart and liver out of one of the dead and ate it…
    He is so far in Obama’s pocket be can not see clearly

  • bowtonoone2

    America has lost its way. Sad.

    • markinla

      It lost it way at the end of WWII when we decided we had to oppose anybody who was “communist” even if they stuck their hand out in friendship as did Ho Chi Mihn (who worked with the OSS against Japan). No lord knows why we oppose anybody now, we just flip a coin I guess.

  • popham

    Well, John Beohner has just made it perfectly clear to the American people,
    that he is a lunatic of the highest order, or……or he has been blackmailed by the
    Obama/Holder Democrats to join their side.
    With a speaker of the House like Boehner, America does not need any more
    domestic enemies.
    We shall, thanks to his endorsement, get involved in a war that we cannot afford
    and which we cannot ‘win’.
    Any positive sentiment that we once had for the Republican ‘leadership’ in Congress
    is now gone, and in 2014, so is Boehner and the rest of these traitorous cowards.
    Good luck, America.

  • Jed54

    Must have been something as a child…. OMG!

  • Docs357

    Its time for Boehner to put on his walking shoes. Don’t they gave a confession that the rebels he is backing are responsible for this.? It’s good to know that we can always trust our racist thug in charge . Here we go again another double dose of disgrace . Way to go chief.

  • Gene Stone

    Boehner, you bonehead!!! Your ass needs to be gone. How dare you sell out to Obama!!! You’re good at crying—are you going to cry when your ass is voted out???

  • Madman

    Now we know Bohner is smoking the same thing as McCain and Graham!
    What did you get for supporting this BS?
    Another republican that needs to go!!


      “REPUBLICAN”? ~ I do believe that Mr. Boehner has PROVEN himself to be a RINO of the first order by his MANY foolish ACTIONS…including this latest one!!!

  • jq1

    PRIMARY OUT Boehner next spring! Hopefully someone who is a good conservative will register to run against him. If that happens, support that person with all the money and even time you can. Boehner must be compromised – is he a closet homosexual, cross dresser, another sandusky? he obviously has skeletons in his closet and obummer and the media knows it, but as long as he is useful to them they will continue to blackmail him. The day he is no longer of use, he will be exposed and destroyed by his friends in the white house and democrat party. until then he is a threat to liberty and freedom, as much as obummer. The conservative media needs to root him out before he betrays us all yet another time. He is too creepy, and a massive flake. we need term limits like crazy!

  • MrInterpid

    I am now putting Boehner in the same category as Hairy Roid. They are both pus filled wastes of skin. Demonrat or pubican, they are all worthless! It is now the American people against the crooked slime that calls itself congress.

  • hunter

    How many inicent men and women and children will obummer kill if he strikes syirea that only wants piece and democrocy

  • Carl Carlson

    This is just more proof Boehner is completely in with Obama. You people in Ohio better take a close look at your man and decide if he’s worthy to reelect. He had too many closed door sessions with Harry Reid and Obama, some of the dirt had to rub off on him. See you all in 2014 for our last chance to save the country.

  • Ron

    Would somebody tell me again why we are even talking about bombing Syria? What did Syria do to the US? What did I miss?

  • downs1

    John Boehner will do anything to please Obama! Wonder what Obama has on him? How sad when the leadership in the GOP is composed of RINO’s who can’t or won’t stand up for what is best for America and apparently take their marching orders from the left! Not a Statesman in the bunch! Discouraging to say the least!

  • randolph.poole

    I have tried to give Boehner the benefit of the doubt to this point. However, this elohssa has crossed the “redline” supporting Obama on this issue. Rather than listening to his constituents and the pulse of the country, he has decided to insert his head up Obama’s ssa. This is absolutely embarrassing! I would like to see all these morons voted out of office. Boehner should be the first to go!

    • brucefandrews

      Boehner is another lying democrat, communist, Liberal. Recall his ass along with the rest of the RINO’s

  • Anticommunist Rightous

    And such scumbag calls himself a Republican! I don’t care but whoever works with traitor Obama should be persecuted just like all those anti-Constitution mob! Gangbangers’ supporters! Bad Ole McCane is next to be in line…with “Republicans” like that Democrats are majority in the Congress!!

  • repubboy

    Idiot.. Ladies & Gentlemen There You Have It !!! Boehner the Gutless wonder… He can’t even stand on his own two feet.. He has been in league with this idiot-in-chief , the whole time.. Another liar to the people…

  • VikingSlugger

    I’ve made a decision based on these Republican scumbags we have in the House and Senate. I shall re register as an independent the moment I have the opportunity. These worthless politicians can kiss my ass.

  • Ruby_Con

    No shock here. Boehner is an epic loser (along with mclame, grahmnasty, etc, etc.) A pox on him and anyone in the eighth congressional district of Ohio who voted for this turd.

  • Old_Conservative

    Everyone who thinks the speaker is wrong on this one please call his office or email your feelings to him, Eric Cantor and your own Socialist Demo-Repub members of Congress! I was so damned mad that I called and emailed them all, including the two Demo-Dolts Tim Ryan and Sherrod Brown. Brown sent a “thanks for contacting me” email and ONE MINUTE LATER sent me his talking points memo on this subject, leading me to believe that neither he nor anyone else in his den of Socialists ever read my email!! These guys represent their own and the Marxist interests of the Socialist-Democrat-Republican parties, and not ours anymore. I think since they are immune to the will of the people, we’ll need to throw them out bodily and forcefully!

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    THIS IS NOT OUR WAR. You need to be IMPEACHED BOEHNER. BOEHNER you are a complete IDIOT.

    • Ruby_Con

      Boehner is such a moron he doesn’t realize o-bomb-a will use him like a tool then blame him and all the republicans for dragging America into another conflict.

  • jwn0001

    Boner wears his a_ _ as a hat! What a spineless tool. Bet he wouldn’t be so brave without his bunker! These guys in d.c. need a telescope to see reality.


      THEY KNOW “REALITY” ….but they ALL have an AGENDA and it’s NOT in America’s best interest!!!

  • Ruby_Con

    I will be plowing as much money as I can possibly afford into the next campaign of any real conservative who vigorously opposes the likes of boehner and his progressive RINO ilk.

  • Mary


  • georgev

    This gy is obviously compromised. They have something on him and everybody knows it.
    It’s time for the people to react along side with the military. We must stand together against this regime of America’s destruction.
    It won’t be easy and it won’t be painless, but it will be better than what they have in store for us.


      OUR MILITARY men and women are being USED as “pawns in a game” ….and they are starting to get FED-UP with being maimed for life or killed in politically-created “WARS”!!!!

      • Troy Berkely

        True dat!

  • joespenthouse

    Well Boehner is right up there again betraying the American people,this guy definitely has two personalities, one he kisses obuma’s as and the other tells him to screw the American people hence if ovomit get’s away with murder why can’t i. This communist regime has got to be stopped one way or the other,it has gone on way to long,ovomits claim that he has to ask congress before was a joke,especially when Boehner threatened if he did not seek congress approval he would be charged with treason. Actually what happened in Boehner’s letter he was just asking for consultation,in other words all dumbA$$ ovomit has to do is make a phone call and get Boehner’s okay. More hogwash coming out of D.C.. We the people are the ones that will stop all the crap going on in D.C. otherwise everything will remain the same.

    • Bob2002

      I agree. Boehner must go in 2014. Listen up Ohio, do not re-elect this weezel.


        OHIO could have removed John Boehner in the 2012 election for being INEPT, but did not… WHAT would make you think that they would be intelligent enough to remove him in 2014??? ~ Wishful thinking!

      • Bob2002

        Call it wishful thinking, or whatever, but the voters who put Boehner in the House must wake up and realize Boehner is not fit to serve. Actually, they are the only ones who can do anything about him because he has all “yes” people surrounding him which eliminates any impeachment movement.

  • Ruby_Con

    Keep in mind this Syria thing is a massive wag the dog distraction from take your pick; 1) Benghazi scandal, 2) IRS scandal, 3) Associated Press scandal, 4) o-bomb-a care debacle 5) 17 trillion in debt, 6) black on white crime, rape, murder and mayhem, 7) fast and furious scandal, 8) solyndra and green energy scandals, 9) chronic unemployment of 7.5 % ( real number is closer to 14%) 10) $4.00 a gallon gasoline….. I could go on and on but I have to get up early for work so I can keep paying my “fair share”

    • Robalou01

      It’s all about saving odumbo’s ass after his stupid line in the sand remark…We have absolutely no clue what we are doing

      • KJ

        You’re correct, but Ruby_con hit the nail on the head: Syria is just another distraction from all of the deceit and corruption of Obama, Holder, Clinton, Rice, Sebelius, Axelrod, Jarrett, and the rest of the cronies. Now we’re supposed to come together, rally around Obama, and sing kumbayah. But I’m not buying it. Obama should be impeached by the House, convicted by the Senate, and removed from office, especially if he AGAIN sidesteps Congress and involves in the Syrian civil war without approval from Congress.


    mo-HAM-id SORT THEM OUT.

  • 5live5

    to commit a boner is to commit a bone headed act. With a name like Boehner what does it tell you?

  • Mary

    Boner is either a closet liberal like McShame or Nobama has something on him!

    • Bob2002

      I believe it is both. This Administration has used the IRS and NSA much like Edgar J. Hoover used the FBI to get done what he wanted.


        J. EDGAR HOOVER’S main reason for keeping “secret records” on politicians was so that none of them could get him removed from being FBI Director; that is why he was Director for such a LONG time!

      • KJ

        The most crooked, thoroughly corrupt administration since the 1870s.


    SOMETHING is SERIOUSLY WRONG with John Boehner!!!

  • Robalou01

    Boehner is beyond idiotic!

  • FROG75

    Boehner is a dolp, a shadow lib and a total lib…no doubt about it. He also may be getting blackmailed; either way he deserves to go away soonest.

  • Uncle Roy

    he’s shown he’s spineless, he needs to go back to Ohio!

  • rowleya



    BOTTOM LINE: Congress has become so thoroughly corrupted, and with a corrupted national electoral system will CONTINUE to be corrupted to America’s detriment! ~ It’s PAST TIME for STATES to start drawing-up Articles of Secession and DRY-UP DC of taxpayer revenue!!!

    • KJ

      No. It’s merely time for the people to pay attention to how their elected officials actually vote rather than what they say. Wake up people. If you don’t like what the people in Washington are doing, then pay attention and work to vote them out of office. If we give up our republic to liars, cheats, and political cronies from Chicago, then it’s no one else’s fault but our own.

      Write or call your congressmen to tell them your opinions.


        LOL! ~ AND WHAT do you think all these FRUSTRATED Americans have been doing all these YEARS with …..NEGATIVE RESULTS?!!!
        Bottom Line:
        “Those that vote control nothing, those that count the votes control everything”
        ~ Joseph Stalin
        (WAKE-UP, they’re HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!)

  • AlRetd

    What has the WH promised them for voting for the US to become a Terrorist country!

    • rufus

      weve been sold out like a terroist thats what happens when the people in office that we dont keep in check this is what happens republicans act if the money that hard working people pays in taxes is like water in their pockets and here we go again. washington doing what they do best money under the table.or bought off. thats why impeachment is not possible the tards look the other way.

  • thegreatamerican

    Is he really that freaking stupid? Who are we helping? A group that doesn’t like us? Why? To strike a group that also doesn’t like us? Let them kill each other. I don’t care. This is stupid.

  • PPTA

    What else did you expect from Obama’s buddy. He is no conservitive at all. He is a cloned Democrat liberal.

  • rmrmsix

    You can’t fix STUPID!!!

    • Conservative320

      True! But, he can lose in the 2014 election which I hope is the least of the consequences his feels for his drunken, gutless and incompetent, Islamic Marxist Obummer loving ways.

  • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

    He’s been bought off and sold his ethic to the Dumbocrats!

  • duif100

    I can’t help but wonder what kind of deals Boehner negotiated for himself during his private negotiations with Obama during Obama’s first term.
    It must have been pretty sweet deals.

  • duif100

    No solid proof for Syrian government involvement in the gas attacks has been presented.
    All reports of the gassing having been done by the rebels are being ignored.
    All claims by the rebels of the gassing having been done by the rebels are being ignored.
    Where is the common sense in that?

    • Jordan48

      The rebels have been steadily losing ground in this civil war. Look what Obamanation’s support of the Arab Spring brought to the world! Just more radical Islamic terrorist States under Al Qaeda controlled puppets. In full knowledge of the threats Obamanation has made about the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, do you or anyone reading this post believe that Assad is stupid?

      Sadam Hussein used chemical agents against the Iraqi people and the Iranians. He murdered more than 50 thousand men, women, and children over a period of two decades. Where was the indignation and the outcry from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John McCain?They were strangely silent when Bush asked for their support to invade Iraq and depose Sadam Hussein, who was ten times the butcher Assad is, which is saying alot! NO! I did not support the Iraq war then or now!

      The reason for this contrived scheme to “get Assad” is just that, a contrivance, an excuse, and a very poor one at that! If he can strike Assad ad cut the head off the snake, Al Qaeda and radical Islamic factions will gain control of Syria’s nuclear arsenal. Is that what Obamanation wants? Precisely!@

      • KJ

        Did today’s senate hearing sound like a cross between justification for war in Vietnam and war in Iraq? I had the worst time trying to be impartial when listening to both Kerry and Hagel. Dempsey was credible but did NOT make the case for us to go to war. Bravo to the professional soldier–the only one at the table with integrity intact.

    • duif100

      just like Putin said: Show me the proof.
      Putin appears to be a lot smarter than Obama.

    • duif100

      We need another Snowden to find the truth>


    I DO BELIEVE that THIS “CALL” for our U.S. Military to deploy to Syria will result in a LOT OF OUR MILITARY REFUSING ORDERS TO DEPLOY on grounds that they refuse to ASSIST America’s ENEMY …..AL QUIEDA!!!!!

    • Jordan48

      I do not share in your conclusion, not at all!


        EXPLAIN why not? ~ I’m always open-minded to other’s opinions, my friend.

      • KJ

        Orders are orders. Our military is professional and will deploy as required by order.

      • jong

        Well that is one of the problems that Obama might run into. He is determined to change our military. It might become to the point where not even he can control the monster of his own creation.


        THERE IS a BIG difference between being a professional and being a programmable ROBOT, my friend!
        A professional soldier is one that KNOWS the difference between a Constitutionally lawful order and one that is unlawful! ~ Should he/she carry out an unlawful order then the BURDEN will be on BOTH the soldier AND their superior….as proven during the infamous Nuremburg trials!
        Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin was well aware of this and KNEW that, if captured, could be tried as a WAR CRIMINAL, thus refused to deploy; the rest being history!
        Bottom Line; Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for their lack of knowledge” (not to even mention ….blind obedience!)

    • Harold

      I hope you are correct. That they refuse to follow the orders of the Muslime in chief.

  • Paul Brown

    This is why Boehner is going on his next election along with many other of these pigs that are traitors.

  • Jordan48

    Has anyone recalled how Obamanation, along with Nancy “the Slumlord” Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others were opposed to going to war against Iraq to rid the world of Sadam Hussein? Sadam Hussein murdered close to 50 thousand Kurds (his own people) and Iranians with various types of chemical weapons? At no time did we hear any outcry from those who now advocate the military intervention of the U S military in reprisal for the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria’s Assad. Amzing, how the pieces fit together so well. Obamanation is a covert member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Obamanation’s sympathies are so closely aligned with the terrorist group Al Qaeda, his true motives in becoming involved under the contrived pretext of a chemical agent attack by Assad’s regime, is to aide the Al Qaeda elements of the rebel forces in Syria, to win this civil war and ouster Assad. As a result, the “rebel forces” will gain control of Syria’s nuclear arsenal! This will add a new dimension to the global threat of Islam. Obamanation must never be allowed to carry out this contrived attack against Syria! If he does, “katy bar the door”.

  • Jordan48

    There is no doubt that Obamanation has something on Boehner, or Boehner sold his soul to this Obamanation in the White House! Whatever it is, Boehner and John McCain have sold us down the river! They have betrayed their nation and its’ people! I am convinced that they are both traitors! (I do not say these words casually)

  • Troy Berkely

    Bye, Bye Boehner! Another classic example of another politician ignoring the electorate. Judging from most posters, that is educated and informed posters and not the sycophants, are against military action. So why are they ignoring us? Gram, McCain, Boehner, Kerry, and the rest of the political idiots, needed to be gone yesterday! If we go to war yet again, I can guarantee that there will be serious consequences here at home, and the power grab will be in full force. Where is the outrage? Where are the protesters? Where is America?

  • Sarah Conner

    The only reason boner and mcCave have given their moronic consent is…obozo has incriminating evidence against them…everyone has secrets..mine,not so much…nothing worth giving up my patriotic beliefs in…bring it on and if you can’t find any evidence against me,I’m sure you will make it up…

    • Cami W

      McCain is crazy and needs to be committed, Boehner is simply taking bribes from the democrat leadership, probably from Obama himself. I’ll be one of the first to donate to any conservative who runs against him if he primary’s….

  • ezekiel22

    Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McCain all agreeing that we should go to war in Syria. Doesn’t anyone else beside me think that there is something absolutely screwy with that? I listened to part of the hearings today and noticed the missing pieces a lot. The fact that rebels have availability to gas and have admitted to attacks seems to have been brushed aside. Unless all of the questions are answered the administration and those that voted for this will face hell in the elections especially the democrats. We have no business there. As one commentator put it Kerry was being very disingenuous with the American public. That is fancy for he was lying. If this is the right thing to do then Obama does not have to lie.

  • suzyshopper

    I’m am soooo sick of that Boehner guy, I pray too God he gets booted out come next election.Ive never seen such a wishy washy speaker of the house.Why is he so afraid of this president,is the prez blackmailing him or something ?Why won’t Boehner stand up too him?

  • Esper Hickman

    Each time I received a mail from the house of congress and from Speaker Boehner himself I always replied those campaign letters and telling him and his staff of course that I will not send my donation/or membership unless Boehner will stop caving in to this president….and Boehner should listen to the voice of the majority that is the “We the People”. Well, he will surely be not the Speaker in 2014. He should also defund the Obamacare.

    • DAY8293A

      I always return my statement that they don’t get a dime until they get rid of bonehead, kill amnesty and kill obamacare,,, until then, I give only to the Tea Party,,, and send it back in their own self stamped envelope,,,,

  • Cami W

    Boehner, you stupid fool, as one of our Tea Party coordinators, I can say that you “wont” be elected again…The people are sick of you bowing down and kissing Obama’s butt.

    • KJ

      Now we know how Boehner’s face became so brown.

  • Rostis

    During my USSR youth nobody ever remembered the names of our legislative Supreme Soviet’s leaders: in those unholy times there was just one name worthy to remember – Comrade Stalin’s. It seems to me that Mr. Boehner does all he can to be all-forgotten in the same way against the shining background of Comrade Obama. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • 19greg45

    If Republicans in Congress had any balls, they would demand of Obama the immediate approval of the Keystone Pipeline as a condition for approving military action against Syria. Every time there’s a hiccup in the Middle East, the price of oil goes up. If the pipeline had been approved several years ago when it should have been, we would be getting oil through it now from a friendly source on this side of the pond. No tankers to worry about, and if the ragheads did block the Straits of Hormuz, it wouldn’t matter nearly as much.

  • Linda Coleman

    When this goes wrong and the S&&T hits the fan , how many of these traitors will have skin in the game. That skin being their sons and daughters? This will not be a 2 day ordeal and it is a high price to save face because Obama set the bar and overloaded his black butt. This tribal fighting by these people has been going on for centuries, or duty is to protect Israel and let them kill each other if that is what they want. They will wage war with each other until we go bankrupt and that time is now, before long we will be fighting them with sword and club. We are bankrupt and our idiot elected don’t know it. This is Obama’s Iraq. It is going around he is a member of the muslim brotherhood and I wouldn’t doubt it.
    Posted as Ron Coleman

  • DAY8293A

    GET RID OF THE RINO BONEHEAD….. These idiots in the congress don’t care that when they bomb Syria, we will suffer at the gas pump,,, and Obama smiles even more,,, Good point on tying some drilling and the keystone pipeline to the bombing,,, and add, no amnesty, and no ovomit care….

  • billwhit1357

    Our military needs to stand up to this Tyrant, Obama, and tell him to go to Hell on attacking Syria! Lets just give Obama to them, it would benefit America and the F*A*G would no longer be our problem! Let them slaughter the Kenyan Son of a Whore!

    • phxrcf

      Careful with wishing physical harm to the President. The NSA and Secret Service are watching.

      • richardwfaith

        Then no doubt they were watching while I placed my logo (the UN-DARTBOARD) on a “vote up” for Billwhit1357. I’d sure be disappointed if they DIDN’T!

  • KJ

    Say goodbye to your speakership Boehner. In fact, unless your constituents have rocks in their heads, they just might vote you out of office in 2014–and not without cause I might add.

    Perhaps this dimwit from Ohio failed to notice that his announcement shaved over 100 points from the Dow today once he opened his mouth. He looks almost as tone deaf as Obama.

  • Bobby G

    Just like Clinton lied about Servia, and the result was the killing of Christians by the Muslims. Now this Pig is trying the same with these animals, Al Qaida, the ones who have sworn to kill all Americans. Obama has only one interest, that is to have The Muss Brotherhood take over, and not only in the Middle East but here in America. The Muses have been granted the right to worship in our public schools as often as they want, while Christians are prohibited from even bowing their heads in silent meditation. WAKE UP, THE DEVILS AT OUR DOOR.

  • phxrcf

    Why are these Republicans providing political cover for Obama? This is a golden opportunity to weaken Obama and isolate him from his anti-war base, ahead of important debt-ceiling negotiations. They should take his knees out from under him (like the Dems did to Bush). They should use the Democrats own rhetoric against them and force him to make concessions and burn up HIS political capital to get what he wants even if it WERE in the nation’s best interests, which is doubtful. That would be smart hard-ball politics. Which is why I’m certain the Republicans won’t do it. They will be blamed for taking us to war.

  • sua51

    I wonder what Obama is holding over his head? This man is an absolute traitor to the American people!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Obama knows his stupid Brothers used the gas and it back fired on them!

  • sovereigntyofone

    IF I were a betting man and in Vegas, I’d have put money on Boehner selling out, yet again.
    This guy (Boehner ) is like an open book, you can just about tell what he’s going to do before he does it.
    What a ” pathetic ” shape our nation is in, when our so called ” representatives ” of WE THE PEOPLE sells out the very ones that put him into office to do his job and honor his OATH OF OFFICE.
    How silly of me, I forgot taking the Oath of Office is just like saying the password to get into a private club to pillage the taxpayers of this nation and sell them out.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Remington 870

      Boehner can officially be categorized as a traitor. When the middle east explodes and nukes outline the horizon, gas hits $10 a gallon, it will be too late for the world and the former United States of America. We are on the SS United States Titantic and we are going down unless something incredible happens to stop the communist occupying the White House from launching WWIII missiles.

  • sgtshel

    Boehner just admitted he supports the Al-Quada with that decision! If Congress approves an attack on Syria, they all should be removed! And what the he-l is Kearney thinking when he said “this is not your typical war!!” When someone throws a missile at you–it’s WAR!

  • robocop33

    BS!!!! Bohner needs to be removed from his position as Speaker! He DOES NOT represent the feelings of the Conservatives nor even most of the people! 84% of Americans demand that we stay out of Syria and take no action as we understand that all this will acomplish is to help the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Quada who have publically sworn that America is their number one enemy! Only 12% think we should attack Syria and only 10% think Obama can do this without the approval of Congress! Information has come out now as proof that Obama is a member of the MB/AQ and that his half-brother is a huge financial backer of the MB/AQ and stands to make millions if not Billions when Syria falls to the MB/AQ.

    • richardwfaith

      BUCK the Fruslim MOTHERhood!

  • johnstephano

    Why is this guy still speaker of the house. He is an idiot.

    • Remington 870

      He is still the Speaker because there are spineless people in the House. My theory is…most of the so-called conservatives have been in DC long enough for Dem operatives to have accumulated all sorts of scandals on many of them. Which city has the most prostitutes?
      Not Las Vegas, but Washington, DC (District for Corruption). Rest my case.

  • VeeDub57

    So is anybody willing to listen to what I’ve been screaming for years? They are ALL working together.
    There is no Republican or Democrat.

    They are divided in name only and by their roles on who plays the bad guy this year and who plays the bad guy next year. They keep us arguing over party politics while they have driven us to the brink of destruction, with the goal of rebuilding it they way they want it.

    It is them against us/U.S. CONgress is complicit and/or directly responsible for everything obama has gotten away with.

  • Rabelrouser

    The US acting in Syria will be the begining of the end for this nation. The dominio effect will be financially catostrophic as other nations retaliate. This not to mention that this will spark a greater amount of fighting in the middle east.
    What better way for this admin to gain the absolute power it seeks than by this action which will create reprisals on these shores in the way of terrorist attacks, which will mean a ramping up of “security” in this nation designed to remove Rights and Freedoms. Coupled with higher oil prices and lack of trade in response to our actions; we will fall.
    So the time is now to prepare for the worst case senario in this nation on a personal level. You and your families survival will depend on it. Network with others for local mutual aid.
    Those with the seat at the table of power are not going to listen to the people, their plan is set in stone; and once this situation is started, there will be no turning back. Nor will there be a way to get rid of the power structure.
    The american citizen will be the biggest loser because of this.

    • truthseeker110

      You have made quite a few good points, Rabelrouser. I am in total agreement with you.

    • Marine Mom

      I still believe that, as a muslim, obooboo is setting the stage for the Islamic takeover of the world. What better way to do this than to start a “little” war (one day only) and then wait to see if he has lit the fuse enough to blow us all up. If you study this and stop looking at just “taking Assad to task”, then the real picture emerges. If Syria does retaliate, the what will Israel do? If Russia stands with Syria what will we do? There is way too much to think on….the deeper we go, the more we see about the “final” outcome. No country should gas their own people, but we had our Civil War and gas would have been used if it had existed. And finally, how can we, as a nation led by this sorry arsed muslim son of a white whore tell others what to do when here on our own shores, obooboo is ruining our constitution at every turn. Now he wants to tell others what to do? What a putz! As the mom of 2 Marines, hell yes I am worried! Semper Fi

  • Remington 870

    The majority of Americans do not want another war. Boehner is one of the worst speakers next to Pelosi and continues to enrage Thinking Americans with his obama butt kissing. Remember…Boehner is the clown who tried to stop Fast & Furious Investigation, and he slowed down the investigative process into NSA spying on Americans. Boehner is a known boozer and has no spine. Time for House Conservatives to get this clown out before he helps obama begin rounding up conservatives for FEMA camps.

  • Jo johnson

    He can kiss his “career” in politics goodbye the next time he’s up for re-election……….millions of us will vote for his opponent rather than for his turn-coat ass !

  • maryatlanta

    There is no coalition. There is no well defined plan of action. Obama is talking to Sweden at this very moment – while Congress is tossing around the hot potato that Obama dropped in their lap. Obama just denied that he set a red line and said that Congress set the red line! This man is not to be trusted ( remember Benghazi). How can we send our men and women into harm’s way with no coalition, no plan of attack and a leadership that can not be trusted. Where is the UN/ human rights regarding what is happening in Syria? There were 17 UN resolutions before Bush went into Iraq (with an international coalition). Why now Obama? Why now?

    • maryatlanta

      Obama’s speaking in Sweden. Why is Obama making the case to Sweden and not the US? Taking questions from the Swedish press? Why Sweden, why now? The community organizer is babbling on and on again.

  • missnellie

    Boehner has got to be the biggest ass kisser of a Speaker that in all my many years I have witnessed. The man has no spine and someone should block his tear ducts!

  • OldNorthState

    We keep piddling around and putting up with these half-asses, and it’s beyond the time we should either repair the Republican Party, or replace it. (Yes! Heresy!… I said it!…) We are losing our country, dear friends, whilst we keep holding our noses and downing this “Dem Lite” swill. The U.S. deserves a wholesome, honest-to-God, Constitutional Conservative leadership. (And, yes, I’m speaking as a registered Republican.)

    WHO’S WITH ME in throwing out these bums? Am I in this fight, alone?

    • Alice Hallock

      You need to do a quick read up on the WWII underground set ups in the European countries and get busy here. The last time I tried to encourage an American underground of freedom fighters the sight I was on wiped it. But we are going to need it soon. We have lost to much time already.

    • hagar2935

      Unless the Republican Party gets rid of these RINOs they will lose every election from now on! Fix it or Kill it! Time for a new Party?

    • Doc

      Hoorah. The only hope for the nation is force. Either the people start shooting their reps when they vote against the will of their district or they are condemning their children to serfdom.

  • Alice Hallock


    • Jean

      Any idea how we can start a recall petition to get him out now instead of next year. I’d like to know which businesses in the low country are profiting from him and keeping him in office. Perhaps there is some way we put pressure on them.

  • mattzweck

    of course boehner keeps on kissing up to obozo. He probably has him under a gun.

    • richardwfaith

      When COURAGE is present, that $h!+ doesn’t WORK!

  • daveveselenak

    My letter to the crybaby, treacherous punk Boehner:
    I’ll be perfectly blunt and blue, something you scared rabbit politicians are afraid to do. I seriously do not know how you and your feckless, impotent party can look yourselves into the mirror everyday as this illegal, treacherous Muslim-Marxist get’s away with murder (Benghazi and Fat & Furious), fans the flames of an oncomming race war, destroys the economy with his policies and EXECUTIVE ORDERS, weakens our military to the point of not being able to defend ourselves and then has the adacity and arrogance to refuse them the health care they deserve, and is now on rhe vergew of starting World War III and somehow you and your “Re-PUNK-licans” can not make the nation aware of all of these treacherous and IMPEACHABLE acts! I can oinly conclude two things: either you are getting bought off or you are being threatened or maybe both! This reporobate lives the life of a billionaire that he so readily cleverly pits against the middle class as he wines and dines with them; just remember this, God will hold you and your feckless aiders and abettors responsible for how you retreated from standing up to this evil tyrant! Oh, lest I forget, there is also the NSA spying on all of “US” ! Here’s the straight skinny, wimp, I had foght communism halfway around the globe and I’ll be damned, rightfully so, if I won’t fight it on my homeland! I suggest you go to your daddy, Obaa-baa-ma and his “civilian army” that he has amassed , more powerful than the military – do you remember back in 2008 – and that is the DHS, IRS, EPA, HSA, TSA, FDA, “Death Care” enforcers, state, county and city jackbooted storm troopers and show them this correspondence like the good little servant that you are! Remember this, you only die once when you are soldier but you die many times as a coward!

  • richardwfaith

    So now, Boner is endorsing obamA’s ambitions to piss away American lives in the Hell-hole of Syria? I had my suspicions a long time ago, but NOW ALL DOUBT HAS BEEN REMOVED. Boner is a PLANT!

  • slypuffers

    Boner is a disgrace to the position of Speaker, let alone the few Conservatives in Congress. Obama is shrewd, and eventually throws everyone under the bus, be it Rep. or Dem. Valerie Jarrett (Communist power behind the throne), continues their goal of destroying America. Vote to remove all running RINO’S in 2014, and get Representatives with guts, and honor, willing to fight for America, and her citizens. Out with sniveling weak sucks…………………………sweethearts.

    • johnob1

      I totally agree with every word you have stated. I would like to add that you don’t have to be a lawyer in order to be a member of Congress or the Senate. The only weapons you will ever need is a full knowledge of American history, Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States of America, and its Bill of Rights. And it won’t hurt to have an understanding of the “Ten Commandments.”

      But like you said; it will have to be patriotic individuals with fighting guts that will honor our Founding Fathers’ principles of liberty and freedom from any influence of the Marxist and Lenin’s doctrine. We already have too many followers occupying both U.S. Houses.

      We want men and women who will Honor – God – and Country.

      USAF (RET)

  • hagar2935

    Boehner should resign!

    • Harold

      He should be removed, 1 st. of all he is not a repub. nor a conservative, he is nothing but an Obamay boot licker.

  • glwood

    The alcohol has fried his brain.

  • Politically Incorrect

    He belongs to the same entitled political welfare elite country club who exempt themselves from everything they put on our backs and take out of our pockets. The only people that want this war are the politicians and bankers.

    • pegichase

      Don’t forget the folks with military contracts. It could create jobs but is a sick excuse.

  • 7papa7

    I hope the entire house votes against him. They need to start sending a message to him that they won’t put up with his liberalism any more. The house needs to move right and if he won’t do it then it is time for him to go which it is.

    • Politically Incorrect

      Both sides want this war. I wonder if this administration’s private SS, sorry… I meant the NSA, are now personally handing out dirty little notes to the politicians that are against this war?

      • 7papa7

        Sure wouldn’t surprise me. Syria is no threat to us so we should not be involved. Let them sort out their own problems.

  • Doc

    If Obama called for molesting all children under twelve Boner would be on his knees begging to be the first in line to vote. Here’s a new term: Rinocrat. Boehner fits it to a “T.” We have not interest, no strategic goal, and no long term plan. Our military is currently under funded and their equipment is falling apart because of sequestration. We neither want, nor need to involve ourselves with a country that hates us now, will hate us while there, and will hate us through eternity no matter what we do. If Obama is worried about saving his imagine I have news for him; nothing can save him from what he has done to himself and our country.

  • YellowJacket2

    Is this what has become of our representative form of government? The people say no and the speaker of the house says yes.
    It’s long past the time to get rid of Boehner. Are you listening Ohio?

  • James Maxwell

    Bohner is a spineless wimp who needs to be removed before he hurts himself by sticking both
    feet in his mouth at the same time. He has prove time after time that he cannot find his spine
    anywhere an how he was elected as speaker of the House is beyond any reason of logic. Politically
    he is a disaster that needs to be wiped up and removed for his own protection to prevent him from
    harming himself as his jaw flaps in the wind.

  • johnob1

    In all good and patriotic conscience, I cannot accept the illegal alien Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II as President of these United States. Mr. Obama II is a complete idiot that let’s the enemy know what we are thinking. An American-born U.S. President would secure the approval of the U.S. Congress behind closed doors without letting the enemy know what action the U.S. will take.

    As it stands now; Syria is well prepared in view of the idiots actions; Obama II, members of congress, and the senate’s intentions of bombing their country. And what do you suppose Syria will do in retaliation against American Ambassadors in the Muslim world who are currently and obviously unprotected? Our morons in power simply don’t have the ability to think ahead.

    You can bet your life our military leaders are frustrated with the U.S. civilian morons in power today.

    USAF (RET)

  • Jean

    Why are our so called conservatives falling for lies? I fear a lot of this is kicking our Lord God out of our society 40-50 years ago has left our present day representatives without discernment and wisdom. We are now at a point where they and many citizens do not know who God is, other than being a superior being. John McCain said yesterday that there is nothing wrong with muslim Syrian fighters saying:“Allahu Akbar”…that is only means saying Thank God. Well, Mr McCain, there is a huge difference between a god who forces himself by the sword and One who took our punishment on Himself. Jesus, while he bore our punishment, does not force us to accept his forgiveness, yet He is merciful and waits for us to come to Him. He is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. II Peter 3:9

  • Frank W Brown

    boehner the boozer strikes again, what an asswipe!

  • armydadtexas

    Boehn-er has proven to be a closet democ-RAT. Time to fire Boehner. For the sake of AMERICA.

  • mydogpopo

    Anything that can be done to hurt this country these stupid bastards will do……I can’t remember one thing they have done for the American People……can you?

  • scientist5

    I mailed a White Paper – 4 pages entitled Syrian Debacle – to Boehner. Boehner is wrong – wrong – wrong! Congress has to get off of this RAH-RAH crap about credibility. This must be a pragmatic decision. Right now many in Congress are using emotion and politics to guide their thinking. I abhor use of chemicals, too. AND, I also abhor the butchery of a tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children using artillery, bombs, rockets and small arms. I hate the Assad regime.
    However, the time to take aggressive action is long past. All we do now is stir the pot and light a match to the fuse of a time bomb. We may find ourselves, even with limited action, involved in a
    catastrophic Middle East/No. African regional war. Amateurish foreign policy coupled with juvenile-like lies may end up guaranteeing us a bigger loss of face and prestige than we already have. Stay the HELL OUT!

    By the way, historically I am a HAWK when it comes to foreign policy. However, in this case I assert myself as an old Middle East hand (1949 to date) who know and understands the Arab world.

    The paper has gone to 9 Senators and 6 Congressmen. I wonder if they will take time to even read it. Maybe like Pelosi says – You have to decide, then read it.

    • Rabelrouser

      Their minds are already made up to keep this admin from looking like the fool it is; but the problem with that is they look just as foolish. Party does not matter, its a matter of having a seat at the table of power. The people have to be increasingly loud and visual on this situation , Sept 11th, stay home from work, quietly protest on the main streets of your town.