Blue States Place More Trust in Al Jazeera America

Of course they do. They don’t believe in terrorists and blame America for 911.
Check it out:

Al Jazeera America has been on the air for just over three weeks, and the question remains just how much Americans are willing to trust the newest cable news network. Survata held a nationwide poll of more than 8,500 people that asked one simple question: “Do you perceive Al Jazeera America as an objective news source?”

Only 18% of respondents answered “yes” to that question, demonstrating the uphill battle the network faces to be taken seriously in this country as a non-biased news operation. 31% said “no” while a majority 51% said, “I’m not sure / I have no opinion.”

Of the 18% who did say they trusted Al Jazeera America to report objectively, they were far more likely to reside in states carried by President Obama in 2012 than they were to live in states won by Mitt Romney.



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