Bashar’s Intriguing Interview with Charlie

There aren’t any good guys here.
Check it out:

Again, what are we supposed to do here? On whose side are we? This is uncomfortable and troubling. I am intrigued here that somebody under attack is telling an American journalist, “Hey, you’re a reporter. Go get the evidence! Show it to the public in your country.” See, this gets to something fundamental. Charlie doesn’t have any. He’s just doing what every journalist is doing: Just relying on Obama, and rely on the Democrat administration.

Whatever they say is gospel. Whatever they say is true, no questioning it. There never has been. No curiosity. Never has been. No suspicion. Never has been. If this were all happening with a Republican president, I guarantee you the Republican Party president would not be judged as telling the truth. The American president, if he were Republican, would be accused of lying. He’d be accused of having some personal desire here or some megalomaniacal power that he wanted to use and achieve.

He’d be accused of having an objective he wanted to achieve. “He’s gonna send American troops in to die for his own personal wacky beliefs,” or whatever. This is the kind of thing that would be said and these reporters would be trying to uncover every bit of evidence they could that the Republican president was lying. In this case, whatever Obama says and shows (ditto Kerry), they just accept without question. So Charlie says, “I’ve seen it, evidence, transcripts, cables, encrypted messages that the administration says prove it.”

Bashar says, “You’re reporter. Why don’t you go find it yourself?

That is a part of that that tickles me, I must admit.



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