Assad Wants a Billion to Get Rid of Weapons

Only a billion? Heck, the way Obama throws around money he should have asked for 10!
Check it out:

Bashar Assad wants $1 billion to get rid of his chemical weapons. You talk about a shakedown? Bashar says it’s gonna take him a year and $1 billion to get rid of his weapons.

Man, do these people know how to play us or what? Their chemical weapons are very bad for the environment (impression), “and we need a lot of money. It needs about a billion dollar, a billion dollar, very detrimental to the environment! Is the American administration ready to pay those money, pay those money $1 billion to take our chemical weapons?” What, we’re gonna take the weapons? Is that part of the new deal, we’re gonna buy ’em now? (chuckling) One year to get rid of ’em, $1 billion to get rid of ’em and we’re gonna get ’em? That’s not gonna happen, Putin’s gonna get ’em and they’re gonna go to his Hezbollah.

But I don’t doubt Bashar’s gonna get his billion, because Obama buys everything he needs.



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