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  • jong

    Assad is actually very well educated having studied medicine in London. He is calm because he has Putin on his side carrying his water. And Putin has proven to be a much better thug than Obama ever dreamed of being. And by the way if FOX studied a little history they would realize that his Alawit minority had been hunted down by the sunni and killed during much of history would realize that this is not a secular war but, a continuing religious war. And yes most or the current opposition are foreign fighters being brought in and yes they to have chemical weapons. A fact that all the media has ignored.

  • Eric Jackson

    A pro-freedom opposition group was usurped by terrorists… Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah, the tea party before Sarah Palin showed up…

    • colleenf

      Sorry, bozo, but there is NO comparison!
      When has the TEA Party people EVER used a weapon of ANY kind at ANY rally or get together???
      Please remember that it was a homosexual DEMOCRAT “activist” who went with gun in hand to kill as many people as possible over the religious beliefs of the Chik Fil A people and was stopped by a guard.
      What did the National Mall look like AFTER the TEA Party/conservative events look like compared to what happened after the SEIU and Occupy events??????
      No comparison.
      Your logic………..oops!
      There I go again, thinking a liberal loonie has an ounce of logic in their tiny little pickled brains!
      So sorry!

      • Eric Jackson

        Slap the stupid out of yourself, then re-read. You are responding to the wrong person with your canned libtard crap. What did the Tea Party get done after it was taken over by neo con rinos and warmongers?

  • hoosiergrandma

    …what if he was telling the truth????

    • Ray_Downen

      I think there’s good reason to suppose Assad IS telling the truth. His enemies are also our enemies. And Obama wants to finance and arm our enemies!

  • bill1776

    Bashar Assad had nothing to gain by using gas on his own people. The UN found no evidence that
    Syria used gas. The UN ruled that Syria is no threat to the US. If the US attacked Syria it would be violating international law.

    It’s Obama’s fault he calling for an “Arab Spring” that started the removal of secular governments in Islamic countries including Yemen and he has aides and supporting the cut throat rebels that are
    killing Christians and burning churches.

    The “Arab Spring” is about destroying secular governments and replacing them with more radical Islam governments that will enforce Islamic law. If you don’t believe that you don’t understand Islam.

    • Ray_Downen

      And without doubt things were worse off after Obama, as a Muslim, became the leader of this once-free nation. It’s been nation after nation lost to Islam since Obama was inaugurated.

  • John Cherish

    The war started as a simple protest but it was quickly hijacked by Al-Qaeda with the help of no other than the Muslim brotherhood. Obama supports these terrorists by providing them weapons and in doing so has been responsible for some of the deaths there. Again the liar Obama and the media accepts none of the blame and tries to pass the buck off to someone else. Don’t get me wrong Assad is bad but so is Obama

  • polmutant

    Assad is speaking the truth. the usurp by the saudi’s and the saudi controled commie pink kenyan and the District of Communists are in fear of death of the petroldollar. washington/saudi/alqueda coalition is against the pipe line from kirkuk to europe. as the current owners of the gas do not want or need USD, commie pink kenyans, or radical saudi muslims. just follow the $$$.

  • colleenf

    Know who else was delusional? Dennis Kucinich. He asked if Assad turned over his weapons, would this not help to promote world peace………not totally in his words.
    I watched this interview…….Assad is one slick and accomplished liar.
    Bet Slick Willie and oblamo want to take lessons from him!!!
    He was truly chilling to listen to and watch.

    • Ray_Downen

      If Assad turning over the weapons slipped to him by Hussein would help promote world peace, then every nation with weapons of mass destruction should turn in ALL those weapons. Assad has as much right as anyone to possess weapons. We want to prevent other nations from getting access to such weapons. But the ones fighting against Assad obviously had access to such weapons and used them. So then the world demands that ASSAD give up his weapons. Something doesn’t seem exactly right.

  • colleenf

    And Assad got just what he wanted…………contact with the American people.

  • CindyVDE

    oke cool and now?

  • Ray_Downen

    You claim, “In talking about the origins of the conflict, Assad failed to recognize that the war started with simple government opposition to his policies and a lack of freedoms in Syria.” Did you ever consider that YOU might be wrong and Assad might be right? No, You think since Assad doesn’t agree with your guesses, that he must be wrong.

    That would be like claiming that the opposition to Obamacare is “simple government opposition” and “lack of freedoms in the U.S.A.” We oppose Obama because of his actions against our liberties. The war against Assad was begun by the same people who now seek to bring the U.S.A. into the field of Islam. Assad’s enemies didn’t like his politics. So they brought in enemies by the barrelfull to fight against him. And that’s bad. But he was doing what he thought best for the nation. Obama is doing what is worst for this nation.

    I think those who attacked Assad are guilty of crimes against humanity. Obama has supported them all the way. I think Obama is guilty of crimes against humanity. Perhaps we may have to learn from Syria that dictators CAN be ousted.

  • prymlmnd

    Assad was clear and concise and logical. He made clear the UN was invited Into Syria last March. The US pressured the U.N. To leave Syria. Soviets have satellite imagery allegedly showing the launch of the gas from rebel controlled areas.Satellite imagery if confirmed to be legitimate imagery and not doctored is much more convincing and reliable than the assumptions of trajectory based on where and how the delivery of gas impacted.