What the Arab Spring is All About

It was really about Obama not having a backbone.
Check it out:

The Arab Spring was not democracy and freedom and liberty for citizens of these countries breaking out. What the Arab Spring was — let me sum it up for you in my words. The Arab Spring is this administration’s attempt to get rid of leaders, some would say dictators, who had been sympathetic and supportive of the United States for years, and replace them with militant Islamist extremists. That’s what is taking place, under the guise — because the American people don’t have any questions about it — under the guise of hope and change, Arab Spring, whatever supposedly nice sounding thing it is.

But it’s all falling apart because it never was what we were told it was. We were being misled by everybody, by the regime and then by their slavish media. And because it never was what they said it was, now it appears to be falling apart when in reality this has been in the cards from the get-go, I think. I think Obama has wanted to get rid of a lot of dictators in that region who have been sympathetic to the United States for years, in one way or the other, because of stability in the region and replace them, ’cause he doesn’t like them, for whatever reason.

There is an argument taking place as to who is doing it, and that’s where you got people on both sides accusing the other, and where both sides don’t have any trust and credibility. Should we believe Putin and his investigation? There’s one guy, Jossef Bodansky, who is a renowned scholar, quoted him on Tuesday, claims that it is the Syrian rebels who are not a bunch of innocent men, women, and children, and families. They are thug, criminal. They’re Al-Qaeda, many of them are, the rebels trying to get rid of Assad, take over the country for themselves.

Bodansky says that they are the ones that used the chemical weapons, not Assad, and that the United States knew that they were going to use chemical weapons and help because the objective is to get rid of Assad. So you’re like a lot of people, we had a previous caller, “How do we know what we’re being told is true because they haven’t presented any evidence?” And you’re not the only one who doesn’t get it. Nobody, even the media, Brandy, is starting to ask the administration, “Where’s your evidence for what you’re claiming? How do we know Assad is doing this?” Nobody really knows.



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