The American Left Needs You to Need Them

Liberals get their power from those who depend on them.
Check it out:

Now, we understand there’s a common morality and framework of law within these behaviors that take place. I don’t need to specify. It doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want outside the law. You know what I’m talking about here. Any normal, sensible person does. American exceptionalism. America, the first country to enshrine in law that the individual has rights, liberties, and freedom that cannot be taken away, because we are born with them. They are part of our creation. They cannot be taken away even by the government. It’s written. And that’s what the Democrat Party objects to and doesn’t like. And it is this primarily that has allowed everybody in this country to do what they want, to get what they want, to be what they want, applying themselves to whatever degree they wish.

Today we live in a world where the achievers are suspects. They are not role models. The achievers are criminals. They’re not role models. And the achievers need to be punished. Those who are exceptional in their education, their grades, not fair. That humiliates those who don’t do as well. We must punish. The greatness of America has always been that those at the bottom, be it in income, be it in education, whatever category, had upward mobility totally rooted in their own ambition and desire. There might have been things holding them back, but it wasn’t gonna be their government. The main thing holding most people back is themselves, but some people have bad parents, and some people have rotten schools. It’s not perfect.

Upward mobility is frowned on now. That’s not fair because not everybody can do it and so we shouldn’t have anybody be allowed to do it. That’s the prevailing opinion from the White House on down, in the Democrat Party and the American left. And so they seek fairness. The way they attempt their fairness is to equalize everybody with downward mobility. Take the achievers to whatever degree they achieve and take it away from ’em so that they end up with no more than what everybody else has, so that everybody is equal. Flawed premise; it’s impossible with two human beings or 200 million human beings. It’s an impossible premise, it’s an impossible outcome, it’s an impossible objective. And it is not worthy.



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