America Lags Behind the Rest of the World in Recognizing Obama’s Incompetence

Liberals think they’re being compassionate when they’re actually enabling.
Check it out:

Have you seen the reports that we’re getting about all the possible scenarios for Obama’s strike on Syria? Apparently the plans have changed at least 50 times in just the last two weeks — not five, not 15, but 50 times — and they’re now even talking about using B-1 and B-2 bombers! Now we’re talking about that. There’s a story, John Kerry and some of the Obama regime people are vetting the “moderate” rebels. Vetting moderate rebels! Vetting moderate rebels.

There are no moderates in the Middle East, folks.

Once again, you have American liberals projecting — because of their vanity and arrogance — their thought processes on every group of people all over the world. Every country, every population. You can’t do that. There aren’t any “moderates” in the Middle East. Show me one. There certainly are no moderates in these rebels protesting Assad, and there are no moderates on Assad’s side.

But we’re gonna find “the moderates,” and we’re gonna vet ’em, and those are the ones that we’re gonna support. Now there is a story. The Republican leadership is saying that if they don’t have the votes to grant the use-of-force authorization in the House, there will not be a vote, because they will not allow the president to be humiliated on the international stage.



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