Alan Grayson: ‘They have no smoking gun that the attack was ordered by Assad’

Grayson forgot to get his liberal talking points before speaking. This isn’t what Obama is telling everyone.
Check it out:

It’s beyond calibration. It’s more like titration. You can’t do that in warfare. It doesn’t work that way. The one thing you can be sure of in warfare is you can’t be sure of anything. This is reminiscent of President [Lyndon B.] Johnson picking out individual bombing targets in the war in Vietnam.

Also there’s a substantial amount of hubris here. They think they know where the targets are, they think they know how to hit it with enough force but not too much force, they think they know how the Russian and the Iranians will react. We cannot determine all this. On some level, we’re assuming the reaction from Russia and Iraq and Syria will be zero: We’ll carry out this attacks, and there’ll be no response.

This is a bit of a sensitive subject, but the administration has been honest that they have no smoking gun that the attack was ordered by Assad. The evidence of his involvement is circumstantial. We’re two years into a civil war that he’s winning. The Russians and Iranians have told him not to use chemical weapons. Hezbollah has told him not to use chemical weapons because their fighters are at risk. So he’s winning, there’s scant and circumstantial evidence that he ordered the attack. Why are we gaming out his incentives when we don’t know he ordered it?



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