The 2nd Amendment Brings Dinner Home And Keeps Me Safe From My Government

Liberals never seem to see the holes in their logic.
Check it out:

Gun or Bow, I do both. Deer, Bear, Rabbit, Squirrel, Pheasant you get the point. I love fishing too, but that’s a different video 🙂

I love owning guns (and yes, I have many)!

I like to keep my family fed by the things I shoot, but more importantly I like to know my family is safe. Safe from criminals and safe from my government.

In this day in age you can be anywhere and be in mortal danger. A night out with your wife at the movies, or with your family in a park, you never know when some sick deranged lunatic will pop up with a gun. Myself, I’m armed! I will protect my family! End of story!



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