But Obama said tough gun laws would prevent this sort of thing. And Chicago has some of the toughest in the land.
Check it out:

Semehca Nunn tried hard to talk about her 3-year-old grandson, one of 13 people shot as neighbors played basketball in Cornell Square Park in the Back of the Yards Thursday night.

“They need to stop, they need to stop,” Nunn said, the last word coming out as almost a shriek as she closed her eyes and collapsed crying.

A pick-up game was being played on the park’s basketball court in the 1800 block of West 51st Street around 10:15 p.m. when at least one gunman walked up and started firing, apparently with a high-powered gun.

Thirteen people who were on the court or were watching the game were hit, many of them in the arms or legs.

The boy, Deonta Howard, was standing on the court and was shot near the ear, the bullet exiting through his cheek, according to police and relatives. His family said the boy is expected to recover but will need plastic surgery.

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